How to Write Impeccable Thank You E-mails (With Samples)

Clients are the lifeblood of business; they call the shots. Without clients to patronize you, your business wouldn’t even exist and that is why you must pay great attention to your clients and make them feel special.

Yes, we all know that making good profit and raking in sizable amounts of income is what matters most in business but you shouldn’t make it so obvious. Your clients are likely to continue being loyal when they feel that you actually want to help them achieve growth.

Showing your client that it’s all about the money is one of the fastest ways to send them off, possibly into the arms of a competitor who understands customer psychology better.

Customer appreciation is one of the ways to show your customers that you care.

When you were a kid, you were probably taught some ‘magic words’ with ‘thank you’ likely to be the most resounded. In fact, when I was a kid, anytime my parents gave myself and my siblings something and we forgot to say the magic word, that thing would be taken back until we said the magic word.

You would have to agree with me that there’s something powerful about the word “Thank you” that motivates people and make them feel like hearing it again.

If you walk into any branch of the oldest bank in Nigeria, you’ll notice that their staff have obviously been taught and mastered the act of saying “Thank you for banking with us” incessantly. They have all been trained on the importance of customer appreciation from the security man outside the gate, to the one standing by the doors, the cashiers, marketers and every other member of staff; everybody says “Thank you for banking with us” to each customer they come in contact with.

Now, they are not thanking you because ‘Thank you’ is a poem they all learnt to recite, they are doing so because they have been trained on the science of customer psychology and the importance of customer appreciation.

It’s not every time that you are lucky enough to physically express your gratitude to your clients; especially these days when a lot of business transactions are conducted online.

However, it is still possible to do this via e-mail. It’s even better to thank your customers via e-mail. You will be able to carefully craft your words and develop a letter that would really speak to the client's psyche.

Your appreciation e-mail must communicate two major things to your clients:

  • “Thanks for doing business with us”
  • “Please come again next time”

So how do you incorporate all of that into your email without making the latter part sound too obvious? Here is how-:

1. Personalize the email

When sending a thank you email, it really helps to personalize it.

Instead of saying “Dear Sir/Ma”, you should say “Dear Mr. Sam” or “Dear Miss Judy”

This would show the clients that you truly had them in mind when sending the message and that you are not just sending a general mail to a dozen clients out of formality.

Also, ensure that you spell the client’s name correctly especially if you want the letter to be effective.

2. State your reason for appreciation

You must also identify a specific reason for your gratitude. Are you thanking them for a recent purchase or for being a loyal customer over time? Your reason for appreciation must be clearly specified in your letter of appreciation.

3. Ask for a Customer Review or Feedback

Your little appreciation notes can be a way for you to find out ways to serve your clients better. Adding a few follow-ups to your email asking clients to specify ways through which they can serve you better is another way to make effective use of your thank you e-mail.

4. Include Information About Your Business

You don’t want your clients wondering “Where the heck did this come from?” You have to clearly include the details of your business like your business name, your logo and if possible, the e-mail should be composed on a letterhead. This will help your clients easily identify the source of the letter easily.

5. Close Your Letter Properly

 You don’t have to sound so ‘official’ and boring when closing your appreciation e-mail.

I know that you’ve been taught that “Yours faithfully” or “Yours sincerely” are the best ways to end an official letter but there’s no harm in making them feel like they are indeed special to you. So on this one, you could go a little informal.

Sample ‘Thank You' Emails

Okay, so all theory and no practical makes this one helluva boring write-up and that’s why we’re going to look at some sample thank you emails to put all we have been discussing into perspective.

Sample ‘Thank You' Email 1- Appreciating a Prospective Customer

Dear Judy,

I just wanted to thank you for taking time out to visit Lisa Garments today. We really love seeing new faces at our outlet, and we also hope you had a great time as we did talking to you. It was your first time at our store and I wanted to personally welcome you into the family.

We are not only excited about the prospect of having you as our customer; we are also thrilled with your project –The helping hands. You mentioned that you were shopping for clothes to be donated to orphan children through the helping hands' project coordinated by your NGO. It is indeed amazing what you are doing with these kids and to support you, we have decided to offer you a 10% discount on your first purchase. Please feel free to redeem this discount at any time you choose.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better.

We look forward to seeing you soon, Thank you.

Warm regards,

Thomas Brown

Manager, Lisa Garments Ltd.

Sample ‘Thank You' Email 2- Thanking Customers During Festive Periods

Dear John,

It’s Christmas again and we at J’odie Consults are grateful for a lot of things. We are grateful for customers like you who have continued to patronize us over the years. Working with you has been an amazing experience for us. We appreciate your consistency, commitment, impeccable standards and most importantly, we appreciate your confidence in us.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue to serve you.

We wish you a beautiful Christmas and a very prosperous new year.

Warm wishes,

Daniel Isaac

CEO, J’odie Consults.

So, there you have it – simple ways to write impeccable thank you e-mails. Now go ahead and write yours and make sure it is better than mine. Cheers.

Olajumoke Eleboda
Olajumoke Eleboda
A graduate of Accounting from Lead City University Ibadan; Olajumoke is a Multi-Talented Professional. She is a Business Consultant, a Professional Accountant and a Freelance Writer. She has developed content for several local and international websites as well as print media and currently consults for several businesses in Nigeria, USA and India. When she's not working or reading, she's traveling or listening to good music.

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