How to Write Welcome Letters to New Customers

welcome letters to new customers

Research shows that 29% of marketers cite email marketing as the most effective marketing channel in the industry and welcome letters to new customers are your first shot at getting a bite of this apple. Sending a welcome letter to a new client is a great way to formally introduce yourself or your business. In doing this, you take the first step towards making your brand top of mind.  Welcome letters are an interesting way to warm your way into the hearts of your customers. If you have an elaborate email marketing campaign, sending a welcome letter is the first step you should take. 

A well-written welcome letter increases your chances of a customer reading your emails religiously. This is why it’s important to ensure your welcome letters are well-written. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about welcome letters from what they are, how to write them and we’ll provide a few samples to help you write the perfect welcome letter. 

What are Welcome Letters to New Customers?

A welcome letter is a message you send to a new customer upon registering, signing up on your online store, or your newsletter. In this message, you thank them for signing up and provide information about some important parts of your brand, or if you’re an online store, about current promotions you have. 

If you don’t have any ongoing promotions, it is imperative that you create one. When you welcome a new customer with a promo code, a coupon, or a discount, the chances of this customer making a purchase and becoming a loyal follower of your brand greatly increase. 

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Importance of Welcome Letters

Welcome letters are important for a number of reasons. Here are some of the common ways letters can help you grow your brand. 

1. They Help You Get Your Foot in the Door. 

Contrary to popular opinion, welcome letters are not the first impression your brand makes. The first impression your brand makes on a new customer is the medium where they gave you their email. If the customer registered on your website, that website was their first impression. 

As such, a welcome letter is a great way to make a great second impression. Most times, when a customer registers and gives you their email, they forget about you and your brand almost immediately (unless you have a special offer they’re after). In this case, a welcome letter helps you hold their attention and reaffirms your brand just a little bit longer. By sending them this letter, you tell them you’re grateful for their purchase or sign up. 

2. Welcome Letters Increase Your Chances of Upselling

When a customer makes a purchase on your website, your letter can increase the chances of upselling them with a complimentary product. If you’re not an online store and you don’t have a product, upselling via your welcome letter may not be a viable solution. In this case, you can recommend your other channels and continue the process of growing your list until you have an offer. 

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3. They Allow You to Share Important Information

Sending these letters to your customer allows you to share important information with them. Ensuring your customers have a great experience with your brand is a great way to maintain and increase customer loyalty. If a customer made a purchase, a welcome letter should give them all the information they need about their order. This includes the estimated arrival dates, the contact information of your help desk, etc.

4. Share Your Social Links

Sharing your social links is another great way to utilize the welcome letter and build your social following at the same time. 

NB: While you may want to use all the information above in your welcome letter, it is often advised that you don’t. The reason behind this is so customers are not overwhelmed with the options. You should choose the option that’s more in line with your brand. 

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 How to Write a Welcome Letter to a New Customer

Here are practical steps on how to write welcome letters to new customers. 

1. Use Your Company’s Letterhead

One of the ways to reinforce your brand is by using a letterhead template. This template should include your company name, address, and all the necessary information pertaining to your company. 

2. Include the Customer’s Address and Date

A welcome letter should include the customer’s name and contact information. When including the date, it is important that it is written formally, like this: 30 March 2022. The rest of the customer’s information should be entered in each line (if you have them).

3. Address the Customer

After writing the header of your letter, the next section should start with you addressing the customer. The best way to do this is by using their name. An example of this is, “Dear Simon,”.

4. Welcome the Customer

After greeting the customer, the next phase is to welcome them and introduce your business. This serves as a refresher to the customer and also extends your excitement at having them. An example of this is:

“Thank you for subscribing to Wednesday Brunches Newsletter. We’re more than happy to have you here and we promise not to be spammy.”
“Thank you for registering on Weekly Digest! We promise to only send relevant information to your inbox.”

5. Include Additional Information

After writing the welcome segment, the next stage in the letter is to provide additional information about your brand. Are you offering them coupon codes or discount offers? State this. 

If you’re not an online store, brief information about your brand also works as well. An example of this is:

“Wednesday Brunches is a productivity hack newsletter where we send the best productivity tips and hacks straight to your inbox every Wednesday! These hacks can skyrocket your productivity…”

6. Include Your Contact Information

This is especially important for online stores that service customers directly. If you have a dedicated call center, ensure the contact information is added to this email. This should include your dedicated email, social media links, etc. 

In this section of your letter, you can also encourage the customers to get back to you if they have any questions or inquiries. 

7. Close the Letter

Your closing should express your gratitude to your customer for their interest in your company, product, or service. You can close the letter with any professional sign-off such as, “Kind Regards,” “Sincerely” etc. 

Welcome Letter to New Client Sample One

18 August 2023
John Doe
123 James Wayne Str. 
1234 0ZZ

Dear John, 

My name is Simon, Head of Customer Relations at Woculus. On behalf of Woculus Inc, I would like to welcome you officially! We appreciate your support and are beyond grateful that you’ve chosen to do business with us. 

We’ve been in the business of providing companies with Business Correspondence materials for the last 6 years and we wouldn’t have come this far without our amazing customers. As a token of our appreciation, here’s a 20% coupon to be used on your next purchase. This code expires in 14 days! So, Hurry!

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 123-456-7890 or email: [email protected]. Our business hours are 8 AM-8 PM Monday-Saturday. 
Thank you again for choosing to do business with us!

Simon Hardy, 
Head, Customer Relations, Woculus. 

Welcome Letter to New Client Sample Two

18 May 2023
Jane Doe
456 Thomas Wayne Str. 
5678 0AA

Dear Jane, 

Thank you for subscribing to Thursday Transparency! We’re more than excited to have you on board! We promise to not be spammy and to only deliver quality information. 

Thursday Transparency is a weekly newsletter focused on telling everything about the News Industry. We pride ourselves in telling the stories that nobody will and going to the places nobody wants to! We’ve written thousands of stories for our millions of readers! All of this would be possible without you! For this, we say thank you again. 

If you have anything you’d like us to write about, you can send us a message on any of our social channels linked below. 

Please help us by sharing this newsletter with your friends. 

Thank you for reading our stories. 
Kind Regards, 
Chief Editor, Thursday Transparency. 


Welcome letters are extremely important if you intend to grow a loyal email list. Growing an email list is an important way to establish and strengthen your brand. 

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