4 Tips How You Can Earn Money Using Only Your Laptop and Email

If you are looking for a change of career or you wish to make some money on the side, then online remote work could be a perfect match for you. Many of the positions don’t require much but your laptop and internet access, regardless of whether you are ‘borrowing’ the WiFi from your neighbor or using your own. Since your prospective employers will not probably give you a strict schedule but a deadline, these online jobs can provide a living for single parents, people with disabilities or people from countries where job opportunities are not that versatile or lucrative. Regardless of your personal motifs, here are 4 tips, that is, ideas, on how you can start earning online with the help of your laptop.

Become a customer support representative

Some companies like to have customer support representatives in-house and physically in the office, while others gladly take remote workers and freelance additions to the team. Regardless of whether they are looking for someone to jump in 3 days a week or a full-time employee, they see the benefit of expanding their pool talent to beyond their city or state and they also might need somebody from a different time zone to cover what would be the night shift in their country and daytime shift in yours.

So, there are many reasons an employer would want a remote customer service representative and for you to become one, you would naturally need your trusted laptop, internet and perhaps headphones with a microphone, depending on whether you would also take calls. If you are detail-oriented, quick-to-respond, and you love solving problems, then this would be the perfect job opportunity for you and all that remains is for the company that will hire you to fill you in on the specific duties you would be handling. 

Share your knowledge and skills online

You may not think too much of your cooking skills because it comes naturally to you but some people would gladly learn some tricks from you. Also, with fast-paced lives we live, not a lot of us can find the time to actually go somewhere at attend classes which is one of the main reasons we give up a course – when we have to choose between coming to work rested or learning how to play an instrument, a responsible adult in us prioritizes work.

Working online and earning

Depending on your skillset and knowledge, you can give classes or post educational videos so, for example, if you want to teach English, it is better to opt for classes you can give through an online language school as an intermediary. In both cases, besides a laptop with a quality camera and a microphone, you would need a stable internet connection, so high-speed fiber internet would be the safest option. Since fiber optic cables transmit data much faster than cable internet’s copper ones, you can be certain that your classes won’t be interrupted and that your videos can be uploaded faster.

Apply for freelance writing jobs

If you enjoy writing and you have a native or native-like command of the language you are writing in (which is most often English), then you can profit from your passion. Many businesses don’t need an in-house writer but someone to do an occasional project for them so you can have a variety of clients and touch upon many different topics. In that manner, you would be earning and learning something new frequently.

You might find yourself writing product and service descriptions, magazine articles, blog posts, video scripts, and many more. One of the biggest perks is that you can write from anywhere – you can take your laptop to your local coffee shop and find a quiet nook or a bench in the park so you can look for inspiration in nature, and no one will give you a hard time about it as long as the job is done well and on time. It usually means that you only have a deadline and no fixed working hours which means you can organize your time however it suits you.

Online income

Try out taking online surveys

Although it might seem strange that you can get paid to fill in surveys online, you can actually earn from it. And this is why: companies rely on customer feedback for many things, from their marketing strategy to their product descriptions and many don’t have a team to compile such data so they find it more practical from the financial side to outsource this part of their business than to hire an entire team.

This is also a flexible job when it comes to time management and it asks from you to find a company to sign up with, create a profile, and take surveys. You can work from bed on your laptop or anywhere you have access to internet and the only trick is to find a reliable company. Since this line of business is still developing, there is a possibility that you might come upon a fraud, but with some research and persistence, you will find a suitable company. What’s important is to know that you should never have to pay to register with an online survey site and as a precaution, withdraw your payment at the earliest.


You may be fresh out of a job, looking for a new career path or just trying to earn something extra – fear not, there’s always work for those who are willing to work. The first step is to think hard about where your interests lie, the amount of time you want to dedicate to your new job, and naturally, how much you want to earn. Prioritizing these few elements will help you narrow down the options from which you are struggling to choose. With online jobs, your laptop and internet access are the only things you need to offer your skills to the world and profit from them.

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