5 Best Call Scripts Samples To Follow up With a Client After Sending An Email

    The follow-up call is what sets the sale cycle in motion after a cold or referral call from the client himself, this means, for everyone involved in placing a follow-up call, it is usually a roller coaster when you are at the other end of the line; with hope in one hand and anxiety on the other, all you desire is that a relationship is established.

    Cold calls they say is one of the most challenging aspects of a business, but a follow-up call is even more tasking. How so? You may ask. It is simply because a follow-up call has positive emotions attached to it, that is, when placing a follow-up call to a prospective client, you are apprehensive and anxious at the same time, with the hope that the client will respond as you desire.

    The follow-up call is what sets the sale cycle in motion after a cold or referral call from the client himself, this means, for everyone involved in placing a follow-up call, it is usually a roller coaster when you are at the other end of the line; with hope in one hand and anxiety on the other, all you desire is that a relationship is established.

    Are you currently in a dilemma due to the result that your follow-up calls yield? Or you are about to pick up a sales and marketing role in an organization, and you are reading to get foreknowledge? Whatever your situation is, you should have follow-up tactics and strategies at your fingertips so that you are very well-prepared and also achieve the desired and expected result from the calls. If this looks like you, take a look at the following sample call scripts below. 

    Call scripts sample for follow-up – 1

     YouHello Sir, good morning, I am Sarah Jason from the arm of Gilead ltd. We had a chat at the mall and you asked me to call you for a further chat. Is this the best time to talk?
    ClientYes or No
    If the prospect says ‘No’, then you simply continue with the call script by asking for the best time to call him, but where you get a ‘yes’ then go on to say something in the line of
    You remember the product we discussed, the elite ball that can help you stop smoking. Yes it’s the same one I’m calling you about. Concerning this, I will like to set up a meeting for Tuesday at 9 at the office address on your business card, to make a short and simple presentation so that you can review the product in a more relaxed position than you did at the mall, is that a good time?
    If yes? Stick to the call script and ensure you call before you leave your location on the set date. If the time wouldn’t work for him, recommend another time or let him choose the best time for the meeting.

     Setting a deadline is a skill you must possess by allowing a client little or no time to think before saying yes. Do all you can so that he doesn’t say ‘give me a call back next week or some other time’, as this may result in continuous missed calls, and a call script would be useless unless the customer picks up.

    Call script sample for follow-up – 2

    call script
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    One very useful tactic is to send your prospect an e-mail before the follow-up call. Usually 24hrs before you intend to place the call. Let the subject of the email bear your intention to call the next day. You can simply make it a phrase such as ‘appointment for a phone call on the 2nd of April in respect to the gemstone proposal’.

     In a scenario where you already hinted to the client of your intention to call him on the 2nd of April, the call script should go as…

    You: Hello Sir, I am Sarah of Gemstone International, we had fixed this appointment for today and I followed up with an email yesterday confirming that I was going to call you. Did you receive my mail?
    Client: Oh yes I did, Sarah, and I have also perused the proposal which seems pretty interesting.
    You: Very well then, do you have any question(s) you want to ask or you understand everything and would want to tap into this rare opportunity?
    Client: No/Yes
    If the client says No but that you give him some time to think about it, then continue with the call script by immediately fixing a time and date such as,
    You: Ok, I will call you again on the 7th of April at about 3 pmI am sure you must have given it a deep thought and hopefully be set to key in as soon as possible.
    Where the client says "yes," then get an appointment to meet him face to face and close the deal.

     Call script sample for follow-up – 3

     Follow the call script by introducing yourself by the name given to the client and refer to the cold call where your paths crossed.
    YouJane, here is Maya calling from When we spoke last week, you asked that I give you a call after I must have found a product that suits your needs, especially the ability to watch your little angel’s nanny wherever you are. I am happy to tell you that we now have a camera which fulfils this need perfectly. I am sending a link to the exact product where you can check its specification and see if it meets your requirements before you make payment. Interestingly, you will be happy to know that the price is within your budget. Please check your email after this call.
    Client: Thank you for this information. I will check the site using the link you sent and get back to you.

     Take note that from the call script, Maya reminded Jane about their earlier meeting concerning her needs. When making a follow-up call, you should always focus on what will appeal to the client by hitting the nail on the head when you state that you now have what he or she requires. Then, be rest assured that you are 75% closer to making a sale.

     Call script for followup – 4

    You: Hello Drake, here’s an article I thought you might enjoy. It bears a resemblance to what the proposal contains. You will agree with me that, at this time, anyone not investing in crowdfunding is missing out.
    Client: Thank you, John, the article was informative and I must say that you are right. Call me sometime on Tuesday, say around noon so that we can chat further on this.

    Appealing to a client’s areas of interest like football or fashion matters to your sale process. Did you notice that your client wore a signature perfume or had a certain designer on? Or did you sight an arsenal sticker on his car when you first spoke? Add this to your call script as an initiative to get his attention by relating with him based on his interest, besides what you are proposing. However, ensure that whatever you are sending also carries some information about the subject matter of your proposal. For example, an article that talks about arsenal’s victory but also has Calvin Klein topics (assuming you were pitching to your client about Calvin Klein)

    Call script for followup – 5

    This script will take the form of what you shouldn’t do.

    One of the many mistakes sales representatives make is that they give the client too much time to think. So, here are few things to avoid.

    You: Hello James, I was calling to follow up on the proposal I sent.
    Most likely, the Clients would say 
    Client: Give me some time or let me take a better look at it.
    Then you remain on the queue for days, weeks and maybe months, hopefully not years.

    Rather than stop at “I was calling to follow up on the proposal I sent over“, move on by suggesting a call to action such as a time and/place to meet him for a further chat or presentation (where needed). Before you are cut off, let him know you understand that he is busy and that you will call him later. Avoid making him the caller because you may wait for so long, if not forever.


    Irrespective of the call script you choose, whether one in this post or otherwise, ensure you start on the right foot. Be punctual with your calls, that is, don’t give room for lateness in making your follow-up call. Great attitudes such as being on time with your calls and a polite tone go a long way because, as they say, first impressions last longer, so keep your first impression top-notch.

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