8 Sales Email Subject Lines That Get Results

How many unread messages do you have in your inbox? Is it a hundred? Or two? We are pretty sure that you don’t have plans to open them. The reason is simple: the subject line is not engaging enough to motivate you to read the letter. According to statistics, 50% of users open messages based on the subject line only. If you use email marketing as a part of your sales-driving strategy, this is something you should consider. It is obvious that you won’t increase your traffic if your letters stay unread.

Winning subject lines allow your letters to get noticed and not to sink in the endless ocean of the user’s inbox. In this article, you will find some practical subject line ideas for your successful email marketing.


Let’s admit it – traditional subject lines are annoying. Instead of just informing people, you should entertain them and drive engagement. Humor is one of the best instruments of engagement. It doesn’t mean that you need to make them laugh, but a bit of lightheartedness will surely make your email livelier. For instance:

  • “Since we can’t all win the lottery…

This is an engaging and funny subject line that can end with something like: “…but you can make your [pain point] easier with a 5% discount for our services.” This line is short, playful, and shows that you are not too serious about yourself.

  • “Two goldfish are in a tank. One says to the other…”

Yes, dad jokes, so bad that they are hilarious. Use the first part as a subject line and give people the ending in the letter itself. Add a call to action then and promise that you won’t send any silly jokes anymore if they subscribe for your services/sign the contract/etc.

  • “You cannot buy this on AliExpress…”

Users cannot buy your goods on AliExpress, and that’s a piece of good news! Aren’t they? Promise free delivery, discount code, or any other pleasant feature in the end.

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8 Sales Email Subject Lines That Get Results 4


Minimalistic lines are engaging and even a bit mysterious. They leave your readers wondering what’s next. Here are some examples:

  • “So here it comes.”

Your readers will surely open the letter to find out what is that. Is it a new collection? Or maybe a great sale? The natural desire to find out what exactly is coming will surely motivate them, so be sure that a letter with such a headline will get opened.

  • “Let’s be honest.”

Here you can introduce the main problem your potential buyers are experiencing. Then highlight a selling offer that will solve this issue. You’ve got it!

  • “You are the lucky one!”

This and similar phrases as an email subject make the readers feel that you talk to them personally. Special attention is something we cannot resist.


Characters speak for themselves! Try adding them to your headlines:

  • “[Pain point] fixed in [number] days/hours.”

Not only do you show your awareness of the users’ pain points, but also you promise a fast solution. Numbers make your statement reliable and concrete. Just make sure you have a plan on how to meet this promise.

  • “[Number] days left.”

Urgency is a classical move in marketing. Use this popular trigger to encourage your readers to take action immediately.

  • “Do you have [number] seconds?”

You admit that your readers are busy and claim that your message is simple and short, so they won’t have to waste their precious time.


Personalized subject lines are always resultative. Mentioning your recipient’s name is a smart move you shouldn’t ignore. This adds a huge degree of individualization, but make sure that your entire letter follows this principle as well. Check it for plagiarism and see here how to do that. Also, there is no need to include the customer’s name in every message you send to him/her. However, when you do that at least once, you strengthen your relationships and capture their attention.

  • “Good job, [name]!”

Not only do you speak to your customers personally, but they also dole out a compliment which is a pretty engaging line.

  • “[The name of a referral] said that we should get in touch!”

Showing that you know the referral’s name adds an extra layer of personalization. The more personalized your message is, the more triggering effect it has.

  • “We heard you know a lot about [subject], [name].”

Show appreciation to your readers and warm up their hearts a bit.

Follow-up lines

  • “There is something we forgot to tell you.”

Such non-spammy subject lines for sales allow you to make your follow-up messages less intrusive. And this one is compelling – your readers will surely want to know what’s that so important that you forgot to tell them.  

  • “This is your best chance.”

Short, intriguing, and action-driving follow-up will surely make your readers motivated to act. A small pinch of urgency is a powerful move, as well.

  • “Never gonna give you up.”

Remember Rick-roll? Using memes in your headlines makes your messages playful and funny. Humorous follow-up messages won’t annoy your readers.


Having an email advertising campaign in your arsenal is absolutely crucial. Using emails, you can remind clients about your service, inform them about the beneficial deals, and simply keep in touch with them. The subject line is the first thing your recipients see when they get your message, and you cannot neglect the opportunity to make a positive first impression. What is more, a weak subject line will leave your letter buried under the lumps of spam and other messages in the customer’s inbox.

When writing another email to your customers, make sure that you pay special attention to the subject line. Make it personalized by including the recipient’s name, be humorous and minimalistic. The numbers will make your message sound objective and concrete, while the engaging follow-ups will bring your customers back to your site. Use these simple tips and come up with perfect subject lines for your email campaign!

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