How to Acknowledge a Job Offer via Email

Writing an acknowledgment email for your new job offer is an opportunity to make your employer realize you are a good choice for the job. Your acknowledgment email should carry your excitement and anticipation of your future with the company while it should at the same time be very professional.

Basic Tips for Acknowledging a Job Offer via Email

The following are those things that should be focused on in acknowledging a job offer via email:


To officially acknowledge the letter of employment sent to you is quite professional. You have presented yourself as a person who takes work seriously. Brevity is vital when it comes to professionalism in acknowledging your new job offer. You should focus on only what is relevant.


The relevant matters may include information involving the terms of employment which can be restated for clarity. State your expected date of resumption as written in your employment letter to avoid any misunderstanding.

“I will report to the Human Resource Manager on Monday, 10 October 2016…”

Reconfirm the position offered and the negotiated remuneration. For example;

“I am pleased to accept the job offer as a Sales Manager with an annual salary of N960,000 per annum.”

Reconfirm other benefits attached to the job as stated in your letter of employment if necessary.

For record purpose and legal reasons, it is recommended that all these facts be clearly included in your acknowledgment email for the job offer. So that besides standing out as a professionally minded employee, you have another legal cover for your new position separate from your employment letter.

Anticipation and Excitement

Your anticipation for the future and excitement shows your enthusiasm for the work. Enthusiasm is a factor when it comes to being productive in an organization. Passion is relevant for success in any reputable company. Your letter of acknowledgment should carry this message to your employer.

Every employer recruits personnel that will add to the organization. Your new job should be a step forward in the building of a career. Making your employer know you see working in the organization as an opportunity and a privilege may be stated in your email.

For example;

“I consider this opportunity a great privilege and I look forward to having great working experience.”

Ensure you show gratitude for the opportunity given to use your expertise. It is simply polite to do so. Then also realize that this provides an opportunity for improving your skills, the more skills are used the more they are developed.

Other Rules for Writing Letter of Acknowledgement for a Job Offer

In writing a letter of acknowledgment for a job offer, there are some rules to observe:

1. Write in Formal Language

Your email should be strictly written in formal language. The use of informal or semi-formal words is completely unprofessional in acknowledging a job offer via email. Carefully choosing words or phrases is crucial to accomplishing this. Avoid the use of idiomatic expressions, figurative speech etc.

2. Address Your Email to Your Employer.

Your employer is the head of the company, even when your closest friend is the Chief Executive Officer, ensure the email is directed at him officially and professionally.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Words

Avoid unnecessary pronouns like “YOU” to refer to your employer. Your employer is an entity, a company and should not to be addressed as a person in the letter or email.

Instead, you may write;

“I look forward to a great working experience with THE COMPANY”


“THE ORGANIZATION has produced one of the leading brands…”

However, please;

DO NOT WRITE: “I look forward to a great working experience with YOU”

DO NOT WRITE: “I look forward to a great working experience with YOUR COMPANY”

DO NOT WRITE: “YOUR ORGANISATION has produced one of the leading brands.”

This is an acknowledgment email for a job offer and you are part of the company or organization now. The use of the word “YOUR” shows that you are yet to begin to see yourself as an integral part of the system.  Neither should you employ the use of the pronoun “OUR”. It is too forward.

Stick to the definite article “THE ORGANISATION”. In doing this you remain official, professional and safe.

Give attention to details. As much as possible, avoid grammatical error by vetting your email over again and giving to a third party to edit if necessary.

Do not copy to anyone else, but you may email a blind copy (bcc) to yourself; for hard copy letters, make a copy of the letter and file it. This is for future or legal reference if the need ever arises.

Sample Email for Acknowledging Job Offer Via Email

I was glad to receive an email (or letter) offering me to work in the position of Sales Manager with an annual salary of N960,000 per annum with other attached benefits. Please, kindly receive this letter as my formal acceptance to work in that capacity.

I will be resuming on Monday, 10 October 2016 as stated in my letter of employment. I really appreciate the opportunity given to work with the organization.  I look forward to a great working experience.

I consider it a great privilege to work with the dynamic team from one of the leading organizations in the food industry.

Thank you very much.


Your brief letter of acknowledgment may close with any information you deem relevant to your employment, and if you wish, a positive word about the company may be inserted as will be shown later.

The closing of the letter should be as weighty as the first paragraph because it leaves a lasting impression in the mind of your employer. It may also form a premise from which the employer will relate with you within the organization, that is, the impression you have left in his/her mind.

The complimentary closing of your letter should show your appreciation and may include your impression about the organization. Expressing your impression about the organization can form the closing part of your letter. Though you have expressed how you view the new team of professionals you are joining, you would have also left an impression on their minds that way.

 Edited by Kelechi Duru

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