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    A large portion of business communication occurs via email since several persons are embracing today's technologically advanced society. Whether for commercial objectives or personal usage, harnessing the power of email has shown to be more effective and efficient than using other communication channels for various reasons.

    This article is focused on app launch announcement emails, the kind you see when tech sites are about to launch a new app or make updates to existing apps.

    An advantage of an app launch announcement email is that they are directly tied to marketing. In this article, you’ll find templates and samples of app launch announcement emails that you may need to send out in the future. 

    Significance Of An App Launch Announcement Email

    After weeks and months of sleepless hours spent working on the release of a new app, there is no room for mistakes when introducing the app. To correctly generate anticipation for your app release, you must first create a well-thought-out campaign that includes the competitive advantages of your product and is sent out twice before the launch date.

    If you want to get your clients excited about trying your new product, you must demonstrate how your new offering will assist them in solving their difficulties. Remember that people are notoriously sceptical, and they will not give you a chance until you provide them with something of value.

    An app launch announcement email is used to not only raise anticipation for an app but also enhance brand recognition and win back passive customers. Perhaps some of them have been looking forward to your new idea for a long time.

    How To Write An App Launch Announcement Email

    When it comes to app launch announcement email sequences, time is just as crucial as the content.  When writing an app launch announcement email, you want to create anticipation before the launch and follow up afterwards. The following should be the structure of your app launch announcement email.

    A Teaser Email

    This serves as a warning that something fresh is on the way. However, you should avoid giving too much information away about it. You want to create a sense of anticipation. The anticipation of an event may be much more enjoyable than the experience itself, so make use of this to your advantage to pique people's curiosity. Try to send out your teaser email at least two weeks before your app launch.

    App Announcement Email

    Tell your audience about the product they've been looking forward to by sending them an app launch announcement email. Fill them in on the critical information (what it is, how it benefits them, launch date, etc.). To demonstrate the app's features and generate interest, photos and videos should be used when appropriate. Include social sharing buttons on your website. Allow your consumers to spread the word about your excellent bargain. In addition, you may employ incentives to motivate them to do so.

    App Announcement Launch Email

    In your app announcement launch email, inform your target audience that the app is now available. While you have their undivided attention, go through the features and advantages one more time. Make use of visuals to get people's attention. Photos assist the recipient in seeing and comprehending the new product. Include call-to-actions (CTAs) at the beginning and conclusion of your email. Make it easy to click on the button without navigating up or down the page.

    In A Follow-up Email

    Remind your audience about your new app and what makes it unique after the first flurry of enthusiasm has gone down, and sales have dropped. Send your follow-up email one week following the app launch. To ensure that only subscribers who have not yet completed a purchase see your email, make sure that your list is segregated.

    When creating an app launch announcement email, you have several possibilities to communicate with your subscribers. Those that read your initial teaser email will be able to accompany you on your whole journey, from announcement to launch.

    Those who view one email in the series should be fascinated and eager to learn more, or they should be prepared to make a well-informed choice. Every email in the series, regardless of the order in which they are sent, should be focused on achieving these goals.

    Assume that this is your only chance to attract someone's attention and work accordingly. This necessitates the creation of a compelling app launch announcement email subject line.

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    App Launch Announcement Email Template

    Subject: [Name of app] App Launch Announcement Email
    Greetings, [name],
    In light of our exceptional progress over the past [insert number of years], we are pleased to announce that we will be extending our operations.
    We will be launching a new app by [insert date and specifications].
    We welcome you to join us on [insert date] for the grand app launch. There will be many fascinating surprises, as well as attractive bargains, to look forward to.
    [Insert a particular call to action based on your offer] If you would like to take advantage of your opening day discount, please click on the button below so that we can give you the discount code via email.
    We'll meet again there.
    [Insert the name of your company or brand here]

    App Launch Announcement Email Sample 1

    Greetings, Ms. Katrina

    The long-awaited Z app has finally arrived!

    What distinguishes the Z app from the competition is that it lets you sync and even links your account across devices. Imagine having all your information on all your devices.

    You may get your Z app directly from our website, or you can find it on as well.

    An amazing offer of a 10% discount will be provided to the first 100 persons who place an order with us.

    What are you waiting for?


    Head of Product

    Z Industries

    App Launch Announcement Sample 2

    Subject: Z App Launch Announcement Email
    Hello there, Mr. Jimmy Bon,
    It gives us great pleasure to announce the introduction of Z, our newest application.
    With its audio feature, all you need to do is speak while the app does the typing for you.
    We have been working diligently to enhance our service over the past few months, and we feel that Z will help you enjoy your experience with TechBane even more.
    Still, want more information on what the Z app is all about?
    Visit for more information on this fantastic product.
    We have an app that you can get straight from the App Store and Google Play store.
    Try it now and leave a review, will you?
    Head of Product
    Z Industries

    App Launch Announcement Email Sample 3

    Subject: Updated Z App Launch Announcement Email
    Hello, Ms. Esther Bennet
    Our new, improved version of [product] is now available for download!
    We made sure to fix the earlier problem of ads in the app. Now, you can enjoy our Z app without worrying about unnecessary pop-up ads. 
    Are you ready to download the most recent version?
    To get started, click on the icon below.
    Get ready to get Z-apped!
    Head of Product
    Z Industries

    App Launch Announcement Email Sample 3

    Subject: ReadABook App Launch Announcement Email
    Hello there, Jamie McGregor,
    It's finally time for the big day! We have just completed the app development of ReadABook. The editor has reviewed all books, and you can now have all your favorite classics in one place.
    Rather than waiting for the book to be released on the official website,, and Amazon, this app lets you pre-order the book from the app before anybody else does.
    Only 3000 copies are available worldwide.
    Also, with the app, you can read all your favorite books offline, without worries,
    Preorder now to be among the first 3000 persons worldwide to get our most sought-after books.
    Head of Product
    Z Industries


    It is the goal of an app launch announcement email to inform customers about a new app feature or release as well as an upcoming event that is relevant to the product.

    As noted, it is a fantastic approach for (personal) brands to introduce their new apps or service to their already existing subscriber database, hence driving traffic to their new shop and generating more revenue.

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