Asking for a Salary Raise for Your Teammates via Email

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As a team leader, it is in your best interest for your teammates to be well motivated. Research has shown that teams that feel motivated as a unit do better than those that do not. Consequently, a well-motivated team will yield better results. Asking for a salary raise for your teammates, while keeping them in the know, is one easy way of improving their performance.

Making a move to get a salary raise for your teammates is particularly necessary when it is obvious that your team has been meeting its target consistently. Hence, some form of incentive will keep the fire burning. Conversely, not giving any incentive can quench the fire and reduce performance.

The Purpose for Asking

Albeit, the purpose of asking for a salary raise for your teammates is not for the face value of showing them that you care. It is actually making sure that the raise comes. Incentive is what every employee wants. It somehow has a way of increasing motivation to work, and this is one fact your boss knows. Additionally, it is also a fact you may need to point it out to him without appearing to do so. How you do this has a chance of determining the response of your boss to your request.

Asking for a salary raise for your teammates using email keeps your communication experience regarding the matter well documented and is a professional act on your part. Therefore, in many ways, it is better than meeting your boss one-on-one. In most cases, you may still need to have a face-to-face meeting with your boss.

How to Ask

In order to be effective while asking for a salary raise for your teammates, you will need very good negotiation and persuasive skills. Your focus when communicating with your superior should be on the effect this incentive will have on the company, the increase in motivation which will in turn lead to productivity. Overall, the company stands to gain from this incentive.

An important matter to consider when seeking salary raise for your teammates is whether other teams are being considered for a raise. Furthermore, you may also investigate what others doing similar jobs with your teammates are being paid. These will act as guide to help you not to go overboard with your request.

Before sending your email for a salary raise for your teammates, get your facts straight and well lined up. Do a quick review of how far your team has gone from its inception. Recognize the challenges you have faced (or still facing) and highlight how a salary raise for your teammates is beneficial to them. When you have done this, you are ready. But first, the timing by which you send your email is important.

When to Ask

Timing your email is perhaps the first thing to consider when planning to ask for a salary raise for your teammates. Your email should come in at the most appropriate time, not just at any time. An appropriate time would be after your team has successfully completed a major project. Similarly, an appropriate time is when the company just secured a major contract with the contribution of members of your team. The idea is for you to take advantage of the moment!

However, sometimes, convincing your boss that an incentive is due your team requires more of the burden on your part to prove that the team has contributed to the company’s worth in recent times and the work done by everyone has simply added value to the business or organization

Some organizations have structures in place regarding salary raises and other incentives. You will need to observe these when considering asking for salary raise for your teammates. It may affect how and when you ask. However, you may integrate the concepts here to the system that is obtained in your organization.

Who to Ask

Consider carefully the person you wish to send your email to. When asking for a salary raise for your teammates, addressing your email to the person not directly overseeing the raise is inappropriate. If unclear, you may need to ask questions before you put your words into writing. Additionally, bypassing the person in charge to send an email asking for a salary raise for your teammates to a more senior person is breaching protocol.

Seeking for salary raise for your teammates from the wrong superior has the potential of generating unwanted issues. Questions may arise on why your direct supervisor was bypassed. Similarly, questions regarding your knowledge of the job may arise as well. These issues can keep you running around for a long time.

It is possible you have difficulty relating to your direct boss or the person in charge of your raise. Consequently, you may need to copy some of your superiors when sending your email, but certainly not the overall boss. An email whereby you copied the supervisor, and human resources manager for example is in line.

Quick Guide on Writing Your Email

  • Your email requesting for a salary raise for your teammates should be concise and capture the message you intend to convey in your first paragraph.
  • With so much information pouring in for your boss to go through, a brief email that goes straight to the point is crucial.
  • Your email should have in the first paragraph the main request and the reason for it.
  • Let your subsequent paragraphs be dedicated to elucidating details regarding the accomplishments of the team and the value it brought to the table, moving the company forward.
  • You should, however, avoid coming across as if this incentive is a right.
  • Be reasonable with your request; do not request for any particular figure and do not request too frequently.

Sample Email: Asking for a Salary Raise for Your Teammates via Email

Subject Line: Request for Salary Raise for My Team

Dear Sir,

I am writing to humbly request that my team by considered for a salary raise.

It has been a privilege to be part of the company. I am also grateful for the opportunity to lead a high performing team.

In the past four years, my team has consistently led on the sales table. We also recently secured the contract with Amazon Shipping Inc.

I am making this request on behalf on the team because sir, as you know, a good motivation will not only help to sustain the team’s performance but will also help to improve it.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Joseph Stanley

Leader, Sales Team IV

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