Best Remote Jobs for 2023

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It is impossible to mention remote work without first talking about the pandemic. Only very select companies offered remote working conditions, and then, most of these companies weren’t even entirely remote. They offered hybrid options where you’re in the office today and out tomorrow. This changed with the pandemic. Companies were forced to adopt a remote working culture and although everything’s going back to normal post-pandemic, remote working is not one of these things. It’s gotten so bad that people are quitting instead of going back to the office and working full time.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best remote jobs for 2023. Positioning your career for remote work is one of the first steps you have to take to when choosing to become entirely remote. When searching for remote work, another thing you also have to worry about is the interview and how to pass it. With these concerns out of the way, you’re almost fit for the remote working culture.

What is the Impact of Remote Jobs in 2023?

Remote working has become normal. It’s now a major criterion when searching for jobs in 2022. While job applicants ask for things like health benefits, equity, perks, etc. The remote work option is now an important part of those requirements.

The shift to remote working was inevitable. Covid brought it upon us sooner, but it was going to happen one way or another. Excluding factory workers, retail stores, restaurants, and other jobs that require people to be present at locations, the shift to remote working wasn’t as seismic as we thought. With tools to manage remote teams, and communication tools that make remote working easy, remote working has shown to be as achievable as traditional onsite working.

Remote Working in 2023 means no more commuting to offices. Normally, an employee would spend hours commuting to and from work. This puts a strain on the employee and generally affects their productivity. It also means employees drive less, which is better for the climate and not good for the government in terms of ticketing and gasoline usage.

Another impact of remote working is with office buildings. With remote working, companies don’t need as many office spaces anymore. The demand for office space will greatly reduce and be repurposed.

Another significant impact of remote working in 2023 is that employees are finding it hard to bond with colleagues and fully understand the culture of the company. Hence, do not fully understand and appreciate the company’s values.

Employers have complained that it’s harder to onboard an employee over a screen than it is to do in a traditional working environment. These are some of the concerns that affect employers when hiring remote employees.

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Best Remote Jobs for 2023

While we agree that not all industries can function remotely, some thrive remotely. In these industries that thrive remotely, some jobs are also more in demand than others. In this section of this article, we’re going to discuss the best remote jobs for 2022 and what they’re all about.

Software Developers

Software development is one of the most sought-after jobs in the world, and even more so in this emerging remote world. Everything that’s built or run over a computer or the internet is run by code. This is the main reason software development is one of the most remote jobs.

With its strong job growth and a high median salary of $100,000 and its low unemployment rate, software development ranks high on the list of best remote jobs. When it comes to jobs that can be done remotely, software development ranks very high on the list, this is mainly because all you need to become a software developer or to do a software developer’s job is a computer. So long as software developer has access to the internet and a computer, they can do their job practically anywhere.

As our reliance on technology increases, so does the need for software developers. Our increased reliance on technology is only made possible by apps and computer programs. With this, the need for software developers will not reduce anytime soon.

It’s often debated that the use of drag-and-drop website builders will render software developers obsolete. But this isn’t the case as that drag-and-drop software is built by developers. Also, drag-and-drop software does not scale well. With all these, software developers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Data Scientist

A remote data scientist is someone responsible for the collection and analysis of large sums of data for researchers, businesses, government, etc. Data is accessed from the cloud; this also makes data science one of the best remote jobs as it can practically be done from anywhere.

A generation ago, data science wasn’t even a thing. It wasn’t until the start of the 21st century that data science was recognized and acknowledged as a field. With the steady rise of computers and smartphones, data science has seen a spike as one of the most important remote jobs. And with a median salary of $94,000.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most fast-growing remote job positions. If you’ve ever seen an ad on Facebook, YouTube, Google, or any online platform, a digital marketer was behind it. Digital marketing can be done anywhere as all its parts are online.

With the rise in the remote culture and use of the internet, we spend way more time online than we used to. According to Statista, over 46% of individuals spend an average of 5-6 hours on their phones daily. This is why marketing and PR agencies are becoming increasingly focused on digital marketing as a major marketing strategy. If this says anything, it’s that digital marketing is one of the best remote jobs of 2022 and its usefulness and need are only going to increase.

Financial Manager

A decade ago, as a financial manager, you would be required to have an actual office where you handled financial proceedings and often meet physically with the members of your organization. All these and more can now be done remotely.

The rise in remote jobs also affects financial managers, Finance management is one of the best remote jobs in the business sector. Financial managers ensure that companies run financially and that their finances are handled.

A remote financial manager’s job is to manage and monitor financial data as well as create reports and advise companies on their financial decisions. Financial managers have a median salary of $125,000 which also tallies up to what makes them one of the best remote jobs.

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Customer Service

The pandemic caused a surge in major sectors around the world. Customer service is one of these sectors. Before the pandemic, people could readily walk into stores or companies and have their complaints or inquiries answered.

But with the pandemic, companies had to go almost or entirely remote. This created a surge in customer representative jobs. While people couldn’t go out to get stuff anymore, this means they got it online. This took its toll on customer service, hence, the growth in the industry making it one of the best remote jobs.

Also, if you’re transitioning to remote work and are not sure of the best remote jobs. customer service is one of the best places to start from as it has great entry-level jobs and great potential for growth

Bilingual/translation roles

The world is now more interconnected than it ever was. A ripple effect of this is the need to have a piece of information in more than one language.

Multilingual skills are among the fastest-growing remote jobs. Translator jobs are also predicted to grow by 20% between 2019 and 2029. Content is covered by a wide range of audiences. And language barriers are still concerns that need to be dealt with. This increases the need for translators and simultaneously makes them one of the best remote jobs or 2022.

Graphics Designer

Like other remote jobs, graphics design is an example of a great remote job that has only seen exponential growth over the years.

Graphics design has a lot of angles and niches. An example of these facets is UI designs.

UI design is a section of graphics design that’s closely associated with software development.

This is because any website or app that’s built first needs to have an Interface designed to show how it’s going to look. This is why UI designers are also experiencing wide acceptance in the remote job space.

Social Media Manager

Social media management is one of the best remote jobs and also one of the fastest-growing. This is because social media has become the first point of contact for many businesses. And as a business, you cannot afford to not be on social media.

This has created a great market for social media managers and in turn, has made social media management one of the best remote jobs.


By predicting trends, both past, and present, it’s easy to ascertain what jobs will continue their high demand and which will not.

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