How to Provide Effective Customer Service via Email

In business a minor incidence can make you lose key clients, therefore it is very important to be effective in dealing with customers professionally. Over time, you may have established solid relationships with many clients, and nurtured these relationships meticulously. A communication error or poor handling of customers in any other way can destroy this relationship. One of the common ways this miscommunication occurs is when customer emails are not handled properly, for instance, when replies for inquiries are sent to clients.

Here we will address how to avert these unfortunate scenarios, that is, how to write an effective customer service email that will ensure that your company does not face such embarrassments. The point is this; do not allow a preventable error to ruin your company’s image. Since you have what it takes to satisfy your customer, you must do your best to retain the client and protect your company’s reputation.

Broad Overview of Customer Service via Email

Here is a broad overview of how a customer email should look like.

Be Professional

It should be professionally written. Your email should have a professional tone, showing that you know what you are writing about and are able to provide effective assistance to the customer. Simply put, let the customer know that he is in the right place, where his needs will be met. Apparently, the client contacted you because he had a need he believes you can meet. Therefore, meeting his expectation should be your priority.

If you are unable to meet his demand, it is professional to refer him to where his needs can be met if you are confident of such a place or politely inform him that you are unable to be of help to him without necessarily referring him. It is better not to refer than to refer to a place where the customer would be treated badly. This could make you seem like an abettor to his disappointment, and this would not be a good reputation for your company. In writing these emails, remember to always be polite, even an unintentionally rude word or phrase can be disastrous for a company.

Be Helpful

Ensure you solve or answer the clients’ queries. Do not assign clients’ email writing to a new employee who does not have enough information about the company. Nor should you let that aspect be handled by someone who is not well trained in the area of customer service. The primary purpose of starting any business should be to meet a need, serve, and add value to the society. If the emails you send to your customers do not satisfy these criteria, then your clients are likely dissatisfied with you. It means that your emails have been of little or no help to them.

Be Emphatic

Do not sound unsure of what you are writing. You can put off your customers by sounding uncertain about your company’s ability or being ambiguous with your response. Be definite in your email, with an attitude of certainty. Uncertainty and ambiguity will make your company look unprofessional. The customer may not bother contacting you again. It is that simple.

Be Error-Free

Typographical and grammatical errors can be as disastrous as insulting a customer. Some clients can take this to be an insult on their person. This is because they may feel you do not place enough value on them by sending an email that was not properly proofread and edited. Also, these types of errors show that your company does not pay attention to details, therefore, cannot be trusted to deliver when precision is of the essence. It is very vital to read and reread every email, ensuring they are devoid of typographical and grammatical errors.

Quick Tips On Effective Customer Service Emails

– Be swift in your response: Typically, regular queries could be replied within one business day, while urgent ones should be replied immediately.

– Be clear in your subject line: Let the subject reflect the content of the email. If it is an inquiry ensure the reference number is included.

– Be courteous: Your email should start with a polite greeting. Show genuine concern for your client’s need. Pay attention to the customer’s questions. Avoid the terms: “(valued) customer”, “friend” or “user”. They make the customer look like an object, or statistic, instead of a human being with real challenges.

– Be simple: Do not use elaborate terms or language in your email. Keep it all simple. Using big words and making the client feel unintelligent or confused will do your company no good.

– Be appreciative: Thank the client for sending an email. Show appreciation even for a negative feedback.

– Be sure you understand: Mention the problem or inquiry again before addressing it to be sure that you and the customer are on the same the page.

– Be empathic: Be genuine about this. It will build trust between you and the customer, and boost your company’s image.

– Be responsible: Take responsibility 100% of the time, even if the client is clearly at fault. It builds your company’s integrity and reputation for trustworthiness.

– Be succinct with directions: Make your points brief and precise. State clearly how you can help them sort things out, and give clear directives.

Be realistic: Never promise a client what you cannot deliver, never set deadlines you would not meet. Doing these could make you lose the customer’s trust.

– Be appreciative: Your email should end with appreciation. Do not trivialize this action. As simple at it seems, it has a great impact in the minds of your customers.

– Be professional in your closing: Always close your email professionally. See how this is done in our related article on professional email closure.

Sample Email: Effective Customer Service via Email

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for your query regarding our fumigating services. In response to your question, the total cost for fumigating a standard store within the Orange County is $855. In addition to this, I have attached a detailed brochure of our fumigating services.

We will need to meet in person to finalize the logistics involved in locating and gaining access to the building. I would be pleased to meet with you in my office. Alternatively, I can come over to yours if it is more suitable to you.

If you need further explanation, please do not hesitate to let me know.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks again for your interest in our services.

Warmest regards.

Joseph Blaze

General Manager, The Fumigator Inc.

0700 3451 667

[email protected]

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