How to Write an Effective Transfer Request Letter + Samples

    If you intend to relocate to a different state or city and your current workplace has a branch in your intended location. In that case, you can write a transfer request letter to your company’s management to seek a transfer to this other location. 

    A transfer request letter is a formal letter to your boss informing them that you would like to transfer to another branch of the same company. If you’re looking to relocate, this is an easy way to get a job in the new location and help you settle in faster. 

    The first step to writing a transfer request letter is to speak with your manager or boss. After your meeting, you can proceed with writing your letter. 

    A well-written transfer request letter drastically increases your chances of your request being approved. This article will discuss the step-by-step guide to writing a transfer request letter and include some samples to help you write your own letters. 

    How to Write a Transfer Request Letter

    Here’s a practical guide on how to write transfer request letters:

    1. Begin with a formal greeting. When writing transfer request letters, you must remember that you’re writing professional letters. As such, your letters must follow all professional etiquette, including but not limited to a formal salutation. Since you’re writing the letter to someone familiar, you can use “Dear ‘Mr/Ms/Mrs’ (and the last name of the recipient)” An example of this is “Dear Mr. Frank”

    2. Write the introduction: After the salutation, the next step is to write the purpose of the letter. In this section, state your name, position, and include the branch and location you want to transfer to. 

    3. State your reason for requesting the transfer: When stating your reason for the transfer, you do not need to go into too much detail. Your reason can be outlined in one sentence. If your manager requests a meeting with you to discuss this further, you can explain properly in that meeting. 

    4. Briefly mention your work history: This section of your letter states how long you’ve been working with the company and your contributions. If you’ve had any significant achievements, include them in this letter section. 

    5. Conclude the Letter: Your transfer request letter should end with you appreciating the recipient for their consideration. This is also the point to state that your CV is attached to the letter. 

    6. Attach your CV: The sole purpose of including your CV in your letter is to remind the management of your skills and accomplishments. If you decide to include your CV, ensure it is a recent and updated version. 

    7. Do not be overly casual: Granted, you’re sending the letter to someone you’ve worked closely with, but this doesn’t mean your letter should be void of all professionalism. 

    Examples of Transfer Request Letters for Various Reasons

    Transfer Request Letter for Relocation

    Dear Mr. Frank, 
    I am writing this letter to request a transfer from the London office to the New York Office. My family and I are moving to the United States as my daughter recently got into the New York University of Arts. So, I kindly request that you consider my request to move to the New York branch. 
    I've been a product manager at Invento for the last 4 years, and wouldn’t trade any of the experience I've acquired for anything. 
    A copy of my updated CV has been included in this letter for your review. I hope that my request will be handled with urgency. 
    Looking forward to your response. 
    Kind Regards
    Jane Foster

    Transfer Request Letter for Medical Reasons

    Dear Mrs. Lays, 
    I’m writing this letter to request a transfer from our New Haven branch to the branch in Central California. I’ve been the Marketing Associate at Gen and Co for the last 2 years, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing.
    I’m requesting this transfer because of the health challenges I’ve been experiencing over the last couple of months. My doctor suggests we transfer to the specialist hospital in Central California. 
    As a result, my entire family is relocating to central California. A copy of my CV and doctor's report has been added to this letter. 
    I would be more than happy if this request is granted. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Looking forward to your response. 
    Kind Regards, 
    Mark Stark 

    Transfer Request Letter Due to Relocation of Partner

    Dear Mr. Henry, 
    I've been the Head of Customer Relations at Spear Spain Office since 2015, and my experience with Spear has been incredible. I'm writing this letter to request a transfer to the Denver office. The request is because my partner got a job opportunity in Denver, and the family has decided to move. 
    I have enjoyed working with Spear and would love to continue working with this company. I would be more than happy to train a replacement to fill my position. 
    For your convenience, a copy of my CV has been attached to this letter. Please let me know if you need more information from me. Looking forward to your favorable response. 
    John Greene

    Transfer Request Letter Continuation of Studies

    Dear Mr. Joe, 
    I'm writing this letter to request a transfer from the Colorado Office to the Arizona office. I've been a Graphics Designer for Life Inc. for the past 4 years, and the experience I've gained is invaluable.
    I'm requesting this transfer because I’ve been accepted at the Arizona University of Arts for a Master's program. I would like to further my studies and, at the same time, remain in the employment by Life Inc. 
    I've been a model employee for the last 4 years, and promise to maintain the same work ethic if my transfer request is granted. 
    Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further. Looking forward to your favorable response. 
    Kind Regards, 
    Jim Blessed

    Tips to Ensure Your Transfer Request is Approved

    Discuss with your manager. Before writing a transfer request letter, it is important that you have a physical meeting with your manager first (if you work in person). This way, you can get the proper guidance you need to write your letter. 

    If you can, it would also help your case if you reached out to the manager in the other location. This helps your case and makes the transfer process ultimately easier. 


    There’s an unlimited number of reasons to request a transfer request letter. If your company doesn’t have a branch in the state you’re moving to, you could send a letter to your boss for permission to work remotely. This would be relatively easy if your company has a culture of hiring worldwide. 

    We’ve included some samples to help you write the perfect transfer request letter. 

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