How to Write a Transfer Certificate Application Letter + Samples

transfer certificate application

Transfer certificate applications or TC applications are letters sent to a school to request a transfer of your certificates. The main reason for sending this letter is to release a student from a current school to enable them to start or continue their studies in another school. 

Without a proper transfer certificate, gaining admission into a new school may prove harder than normal. These letters are necessary regardless of the level of study. This means whether or not you’re transferring from one college to another, you will need a transfer letter from the dean of your current college. 

TC applications aren’t only sent when you need to leave a school in the middle of an academic session, they’re also necessary if you’ve completed your studies in a school and need to further. In this case, your letter would be a “College Leaving Certificate” (CLC), “Migration Certificate,” or a “School Leaving Certificate” (SLC). 

If you have no interest in changing schools, you may not need this letter. But if for any reason, you’re changing locations and therefore need to change schools, a transfer certificate is something you must apply for. 

Transfer certificates can be written by either you or your guardians. This depends on your level of study and the reason for the transfer. If you’re leaving for college, it is normal that you’d write the application yourself. But if you’re leaving in the middle of an academic session due to a relocation, your guardian may need to write this letter on your behalf. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about transfer certificates and how to write them. We will also include some samples to help you write the best transfer certificate applications.

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Tips for Writing a Transfer Certificate Application

  1. Address it to the right recipient: One of the most important things to note when writing a TC application is to address it to the right recipient. If you do this correctly, you’ve crossed the first hurdle. When addressing a TC application letter, you must find out the person responsible for issuing the request. If you are transferring colleges, then your letter should be addressed to the dean. If you are changing middle schools, then the head teacher may be the most appropriate person. 

The letter should be addressed to the recipient using their honorifics and not their names. This means if you’re writing to the Dean, your letter should be addressed as “Dear Dean,” If you’re unsure who will receive the letter, or you’re sending it to the school and no one in particular, you can address it, “To Whom It May Concern,” but this should only be considered as a last resort.

  1. Address the school: When writing TC applications, you must remember that it is a formal letter; as such, it should follow all the etiquette necessary when writing formal letters. And addressing your letter to the right recipient is one of these etiquettes. The first thing you should do when writing your application would be to write the address on the top left corner of your article. 
  1. Introduce yourself: Your letter should begin with a brief introduction. This introduction should include the relevant information needed to identify you. This can be your school identification number or anything that proves you’re who you say you are. Also, if you’re writing this letter on behalf of someone, you must introduce yourself and the person in question.
  2. State the reason: In this section of the letter, you should state the reason(s) you’re requesting the transfer certificate. If your guardian has been relocated and you need to change schools, state this in the letter. If you intend on furthering your studies and a school leaving certificate is one of the necessary documents, also state this in your letter. 

When stating this, do not make the mistake of going overboard with the explanations. Ensure all the facts and relevant information are stated as succinctly as possible.

  1. Add relevant documents: If the school requires any documents to be added to the transfer certificate application letter, ensure the certificates are added. Doing this saves you the stress of writing multiple letters and hastens the whole application process. Some document requests may include a copy (or the original) of the student’s ID, if you’re writing on behalf of your ward, you may also be requested to include a copy of a valid ID. The school may also request copies of the student’s results. These are some of the most important documents that are frequently asked for.
  2. Specify dates if necessary: Including the dates in your letter passes a sense of urgency to the recipient. Include the dates you’re expected to resume in your new college and ask that the request be handled as a matter of urgency. If you’re no longer in the school, you can also include the year you were in session, making it easier for the recipient to sieve through and locate your information.
  3. Write professionally: It is important to remember that this is a formal letter and as such, should be written professionally. This means your letter should be free from grammatical errors, and the details must be factual and accurate.
  4. Close and Sign the letter: After writing the letter, the last step should include your professional closing remarks, name, and signature. If you’re able to sign this letter manually, you should. If not, your name and the closing remark will suffice. 
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Transfer Certificate Application Sample from Student

New School Academy
123 St. Woculus Avenue
Houston, Texas US. 
PO Box 12345
+123 456 7890

14 June 2022

RE: Transfer Certificate Application

Dear Principal, 

My name is James Dean, and I was a student at New School Academy from 2009-2021. I graduated 3 months ago, and I passed with distinction. My student ID number is 0987654321. 
I am writing this letter to request a transfer certificate as I intend to continue my studies, and I need this certificate to proceed with my application. The application deadline is July 20th. As such, I would appreciate it if this request is treated with urgency. 

I have included a copy of my ID card in this letter, and I look forward to your response. Please reach out to me if you need any more information. 

Thank you for your time. 
Kind Regards, 
James Dean. 

Transfer Certificate Application Sample from Relocating Student

Old School Academy
123 St. Woculus Street
Albany New York, US. 
PO Box 12345
+123 456 7890

19 June 2022

RE: TC Application

Dear Principal,

My name is John Cormac, and I am a grade 2 student at Old School Academy. My school ID is 34567JC. I am writing this letter to request a transfer certificate as I am relocating and will no longer be attending your school. 

My father is a contract worker and gets transferred a lot. He’s been transferred out of the country, and my family is relocating with him. We are set to depart on the 30th of July. I would appreciate it if this request is handled urgently. 

Please reach out to me if there are any questions. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 
Kind Regards, 
John Cormac. 
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College Leaving Certificate Sample Letter

New Hampshire University of Arts, 
001 Decore Avenue, 
New Hampshire, US. 
PO Box 0239

25 June 2022. 

Dear Dean, 

My name is James Fallon, and I am a second-year student studying Culinary Arts at New Hampshire University. I am writing this letter to request a college leaving certificate as I would like to transfer to another college. 

This decision is because I’ve decided to switch majors, and my intended major isn’t available at this college. As such, I would like to continue my studies at another university.  I have begun the application process, and one of the most essential documents requested is a college leave certificate.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Kind Regards, 
James Fallon. 

Transfer Application from Parent

Prime Rose Academy
123 St. Dew Street
Albany, New York, US. 
PO Box 675867
+123 456 5968

25 June 2022

RE: Transfer Certificate Application

Dear Principal, 

My name is Francis Kennedy, and I am the father of Raymond Kennedy, a form 12 student at Prime Rose Academy. I am writing this letter on behalf of my child to request a transfer certificate as we are relocating, and he will be changing schools. 

I am a preacher, and as such, I relocate regularly. I have been transferred out of the country, and my family is coming with me. Due to this, it is no longer possible for my child to continue his studies here, hence my request. 

A copy of my ID card and my child’s school ID card has been attached to this letter. Please treat this as a matter of urgency. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 
Thank you for your consideration. 

Kind Regards, 
Jim Blessed. 


When writing transfer certificates, ensure to include the necessary details to handle your request faster. Also, bear in mind that the conditions that would require a transfer letter vary, as such, you would need to edit the samples to suit your needs. 

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