Email to Client Sharing Project Status Update

    All undertakings are built on a foundation of consistent and transparent communication. A project status update email is a powerful tool for communicating with and strengthening your relationships with your team, management, clients, and other stakeholders, among other things.

    Use this way to increase openness regarding project specifics, offer frequent updates on the progress of the process, display budget changes, and identify impending tasks. What is a project status update email, how to create one, and several examples are discussed in this article.

    What is a Project Status Update Email

    A project status update email is a document that you send out regularly through email that contains pertinent information about the current state of a project. Sending a project status update email fosters responsibility and ownership among members of the project team, ensuring that everyone is on track with project objectives and identifies difficulties or possible hazards to the project’s success. A project status update email informs the customer of the progress of the project. It provides them with the opportunity to ask follow-up questions about things such as timetables and budget.

    Benefits of Sending an Project Status Email

    Since email is generally the primary mode of contact in a firm, it is customary for project updates to be sent by email; however, you may use whichever method of communication your organization favors. Email is a valuable medium for transmitting information in a template, adding files, and incorporating connections to other websites. Here are some of the benefits of sending an email to your project team to inform them of the progress of your project:

    • Drafts: It’s simple to save a drafted email that uses a template in your drafts folder so that you can easily access it later. You may fill it out quickly and email it to us at any time.
    • Calendering: Many people have their email and calendar synced together so that they can conveniently store essential dates and deadlines.
    • Responses: Responding to an email is a quick and easy method for everyone to stay informed about the information you are sending out.
    • The ability to maintain consistency: You may preserve all of the status update emails in a single folder so that they are easier to retrieve at a later time.
    project status update
    Email to Client Sharing Project Status Update 2

    Best Practices for Sending Project Status Updates through Email

    Because every organization, project type, and receiver is unique, each status update email will be unique and informative. However, there are specific basic guidelines that may be used to any form of project status update email, such as the following:

    • Keep things as essential as possible: People are more likely to read your email all the way through if it is written in plain English. Make an effort to provide just the most essential information relevant to the particular update you are delivering.
    • Have a project in your Draft: Add to your update throughout the day or week as events unfold to alleviate stress and have a current draft available as soon as possible.
    • Maintain your accountability: To guarantee that everyone gets frequent project status updates, schedule recurring project status update emails at the beginning of the project.
    • Styles that can be accommodated: If you have a large block of text, consider using pictures, links, or other relevant methods to split it up and make it simpler to read, such as bullet points.
    • Make it enjoyable: When it’s acceptable, include something fascinating or amusing in your updates that isn’t linked to business, such as a memorable remark or a joke that is suitable for the workplace.
    • Make time for your clients: Consider scheduling a digital or in-person meeting with the customer to go over the project progress update email and address any issues that the client may have. Some problems may be resolved more quickly via frequent meetings rather than back-and-forth email conversations.

    How to Write a Project Status Update Email

    Assuming you understand what a project status update email is and what information you should include in it, here are the steps to take in order to create one:

    • Compile a list of information
    • Locate or develop a template for your project.
    • Take into account your target audience and the goal of your writing.
    • Write a draft and revise it.
    • Please make sure you send it at the appropriate time.

    Email Samples for Project Progress Updates

    Listed below are four samples of how a project status update email may look:

    Sample One Project Progress Updates

    Subject: Brand website launch.
    The project is progressing as planned.
    Summary: The idea team has finished the concept phase of the project. The design and content teams are now working on the next part of the project.
    On Wednesday at noon, the design team will meet to discuss the project.
    They will offer the customer three different design concepts.
    Once the customer has selected a design, a brief will be given to the content team.
    Content: As soon as the brief is received, the material team will begin to create the content.
    During this period, they are gathering relevant information.
    Challenges: Although there have been some challenges with the rights to the website URL address, the team has addressed these issues and expects to have them resolved by the end of the day on Thursday.
    Additional remarks: Thank you to the concept team for their Herculean efforts in bringing phase one to a close!
    Gabriel will be out of town for the rest of the week. So, if you have any questions, please email Simon at [email protected]

    Sample Two Project Progress Updates

    Subject: EBooks publication
    The project is progressing as planned.
    Summary: Significant progress has been made this week! Even though we are still in the idea phase, Ann Gupta will be selecting a subject this week. Once we give the green light, the content and design teams will be on their way to getting things started.
    The concept is that the planning team convened to discuss a broad issue.
    In the end, we have three final proposals, and we will pick one by Friday.
    The Content team must get a brief by the following Thursday at the latest.
    As soon as our concept is established, the Content team will be ready to begin creating value for it.
    To incorporate relevant firm information, they are compiling a list of valuable facts.
    Design: The design looked at five different ebook samples to decide which they preferred.
    By the following Tuesday, they will have selected a template.
    Additional remarks or highlights include:
    Philip will be out of the office for the remainder of the week, so please address any content-related queries to Gabe at [email protected]
    Thank you to Anastasia for compiling such a comprehensive selection of subjects from which to choose!
    As we all know, the deadline for the e-book is approaching quickly. For the sake of keeping everyone organized and on schedule, we must be all working on our project management application at the same time. Thanks!

    Sample Three Project Progress Updates

    Subject: Concerning the current status of Project No.19
    Greetings, Mr. Thomas
    This is to notify you that our joint venture project no. 19 is proceeding successfully, with all operations and formalities being completed within the time frame that has been set out in the plan and schedule.
    Our coordinators and employees work around the clock to complete the task at hand and deliver the finished product on time and within budget.
    They are working in shifts throughout the day and night, and they are receiving all of the raw materials on schedule, which helps keep their motivation high. Aside from that, timely awards and distinctions are announced to keep the team’s spirits up.
    The aim is to share your comments and any instructions with the team at any point in time that you see essential. A visit to the project site will also help to raise the spirits of everyone involved.
    I’ll keep you informed as events unfold.
    Grey Donalds.
    Project Manager.


    It is usual practice to deliver project progress updates through email to all parties involved. This article has focused on how a basic project status update email example will assist you in communicating the project status and ensuring that the project team and stakeholders are informed of the current situation.

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