How To Respond To a Goodbye Email From A Colleague

Respond To a Goodbye Email From A Colleague

How do you respond to a goodbye email from a colleague if they decide to leave or move to another state? What should you include and not include? Let’s find out.

In a professional or working environment, the most appropriate mode of communication is email since research shows that 47% of employees admit that email is still their most-used tool at work. Sometimes some of your colleagues might get another job offer in another state or country or get promoted and they might need to move away. Knowing how to craft a thoughtful and appropriate response to a goodbye email is really important. The way you express your gratitude and appreciation can leave a lasting impression in the mind of your colleague demonstrating the strength of your bond and the values upheld within your workplace.

In this blog post, we will are going to be exploring how you can respond to a goodbye email from a colleague with empathy, sincerity, and professionalism.

Important Things To Consider When Responding To A Goodbye Email

Responding to a goodbye email is also part of professional etiquette. It’s an opportunity to express your gratitude and show that you value your colleague.

So, what do you include in your email? Each response email is personal, but here are a few tips:

1. Be timely

Why your email doesn’t have any deadline or a sense of urgency, doesn’t mean you should reply to the email late. You want to make a good impression and show your colleague that you care and value them. So keeping the email fresh will do just that. Try to respond to the goodbye email as soon as possible, ideally within the same day or the next day as this helps you reinforce that you value the relationship and their departure matters to you.

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2. Express Your Best Wishes

It is sad to see a colleague go, especially one you have developed a bond with. A colleague of mine move away recently to go take care of his mum so I had to send him a farewell message. In the email, I started by expressing my genuine good wishes to him, his mum and his career. We were both students and we were about a week to graduation when he left. So I wished him well and hoped that he gets a job soon. I also acknowledge his contribution to my life and to the school and express gratitude to have known him.

2. Mention a Memorable Experience

In the email, you can share a memorable experience you had with the colleague in your response. This will bring a good smile to their face when reading your email. And further, reinforce that you care and value the time they spent with you.

3. Offer to Stay in Touch

If you don’t already have their contacts, you can offer to stay in touch with them and request their contacts like WhatsApp, phone numbers or any channel that works for them. Alternatively, you can share your contact information or connect on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

4. Keep it Professional

While it’s okay to be friendly, remember that this is still a professional email. Avoid sharing any confidential or sensitive information and maintain a respectful tone throughout. Avoid mentioning any negative aspects or conflicts that may have occurred during your time working together. Focus on the positive aspects of your colleague’s time with the team.

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5. Use a Professional Closing

Also, you need to know close professionally since the email is a professional one. You can end the email with a professional closing, such as “Best regards,” “Sincerely,” or “Warm regards,” followed by your name.

Sample 1: Sample Response to A Goodbye Email from A Colleague

Subject: Re: Best Wishes on Your New Adventure!

Dear Jack ,

I wanted to take a moment to respond to your heartfelt goodbye email and bid you farewell in a more personal manner. While me and the team will miss having you around the office, I'm genuinely excited for the new opportunities that await you.

During the time we worked together, your dedication, expertise, and positive attitude have made a significant impact on all of us, and your presence will be missed.

I remembered the times we collaborated on [mention a specific project or experience]. The insight and problem-solving skills you brought along were truly commendable, and it was a pleasure working alongside you.

Please know that the door is always open should you wish to stay in touch. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at [your email address]. Additionally, let's connect on LinkedIn so we can keep each other updated on our professional journeys.

This is a new chapter, remember that you have a strong network of colleagues cheering you on. If there's anything I can do to assist you during this transition, please don't hesitate to ask.

Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world. 

Farewell, Jack!

Warmest regards,


Sample 2: Sample of A Goodbye Email Response to A Colleague Who Is Getting a Promotion

Hi Kate,

I just heard you got the Senior Analyst job in France.Thank you so much for informing me about your Digital marketing manager job in Canada. Congratulations on the new position. 

Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Your expertise and dedication have been a great source of inspiration for me. I'll definitely miss our productive collaborations and the fun we had during our lunch breaks.

Please don't be a starager and keep in touch with the team on your adventures in Canada.   You can always reach me at [your email address] or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Once again, thank you for your support and well-wishes. I'm grateful for the time we spent working together, and I'll carry those memories with me as I move forward in my career.

Wishing you continued success and looking forward to staying connected.

Best regards,


Sample 3: Reply to A Goodbye Email of A Colleague Leaving the Company (not by Their Own Choice)

Hi Lena,

I am really sad to hear that you’ll be leaving us. It’s been great pleasure working with you and I’m certainly going to miss having you around. 

While this departure wasn't by your choice, please see it as an opportunity for growth and new experiences. I will cherish the memories we made as a team and the valuable lessons I learned from you.
 I'll always remember the laughter and the challenges we faced together.

Though you are leaving the company, I'm determined to stay connected with you as you have become more than just a colleague to me. You can reach me anytime at [your email address] or connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's keep each other updated on our journeys and maybe find opportunities to collaborate in the future.

Wishing you continued success in your endeavors. 

Take care,



Responding to a goodbye email from a colleague is not just a mere formality; it is an opportunity to express genuine appreciation and leave a positive lasting impression. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of professional relationships, mastering the art of bidding farewell is essential in maintaining a supportive and harmonious workplace environment.

By following the key principles outlined in this guide, we can ensure that our farewell responses are thoughtful, heartfelt, and respectful. Remember to be sincere in your words, acknowledging the contributions of the departing colleague and expressing your best wishes for their future endeavours.

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