How Can CRM Integrations Level up Your eCommerce Business?

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Successful businessmen understand the importance of nurturing their customers. Thriving eCommerce businesses do everything in their power to keep their customers happy and coming back. However, managing your relationship with your customers can be stressful and overwhelming. This is where CRM can help an eCommerce business meet the needs of its customers more effectively.

What Is an eCommerce Business and What Is a CRM?

eCommerce business is the process of buying and selling products and services online. If you have ever done online shopping, that is eCommerce. It has exploded because buying online is more accessible. You can sign up on one of the sites in some minutes, and now you have your very own eCommerce store.

This type of business takes place on the internet, because the virtual stores are hosted online. You just have to find a hosting provider. When looking for the best eCommerce hosting for small businesses you need to find a secure, easy to manage and affordable solution.

Before thinking about business, you should check an eCommerce business plan sample and write your own plan to make sure your idea is viable. Or you just can head to an exchange platform where you will find a range of ready-made plans.

A CRM is a customer relationship management. It helps you manage your relationship with customers. It provides you with different information based on tracking buyers every time they interact with the business. This way you know who clicked on your Facebook post and what actions they took and which products they looked at. An eCommerce business can use this data to tailor your content and products to satisfy customers.

Here are some ways a CRM integration can help your business

Data Management

When customers are interacting with your eCommerce business, they are giving you valuable insights into which aspects of your business are successful and which need improving. However, without a CRM, you cannot collect and analyze this data.

CRM will give you an understanding of the buyer’s journey. You will know the steps customers take before they make a purchase. Then you can analyze this data and gain more sales.

An effective way to gather data and help your CRM provide in-depth insights into your buyers is asking your customers to create a free account. A successful eCommerce business idea is to entice customers to create an account offering a discount or a gift. That’s how you`ll know customers` name, purchase history, age, gender and location. Then you can start targeting your ideal buyer.

Follow-up Opportunities

With CRM you can automate your interactions with customers and effectively follow up to win sales. For example, if a customer has left a full shopping cart on your site, you can automate an email prompt about returning and completing check out.

According to HubSpot, 60% of buyers say ‘no’ four times before making a purchase. With a CRM you can continually and automatically contact your buyers leading to a rise in sales from consumers who need a little push. Winning these tougher sales through effective follow up will have a major impact on your company’s valuation, when you decide to exit and put your eCommerce business for sale.

Customer Support

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An eCommerce business cannot survive, if it doesn’t deliver excellent customer service. Unhappy customers will quickly leave negative reviews online, resulting in an exit of buyers. But don’t worry, an eCommerce CRM can help you deliver world-class service to your customers.

An eCommerce CRM will allow you to nurture your high-value customers through customized deals. At the same time, you can immediately address the issues of unhappy customers through providing your customer with a support system. All of your customers’ information will be logged in the CRM allowing you to find ideal solutions for your customers. You will also be able to see the customer’s lifetime value, so you know when it is time to work to keep them satisfied.

Power of Reports

With an eCommerce CRM, you can quickly pull up different reports that spit out game-changing information. You can find detailed reports about best-selling products, most successful social media posts or newsletters. Use it and start stocking the products and producing the content your customers need.

Tailor your business to the needs of your customers more effectively, your sales will shoot through the roof. With CRM by your side, you will always know what is going on within your business and have the numbers to prove it. Become one of the best on eCommerce sites for small businesses!

Brand Visibility

Did you know there are 12 million eCommerce businesses globally? As starting an eCommerce business is so easy, there is competition. It means it is incredibly important to focus your attention on your company.

An eCommerce CRM system can streamline your branding strategies and help you stay highly visible within your niche. A CRM will help you send out interesting and valuable emails, answer your customers` questions and improve your social media marketing. A CRM will not only improve your overall branding, but it will automate many tasks allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.


To build a successful eCommerce business, you must be attentive to the needs of your customers more effectively than others. Provide people with better products, more helpful content and superior customer service. An eCommerce CRM can give you unique insights into customer behavior. It will allow you to excel in all of these areas, making it the best eCommerce solution for small businesses looking to thrive.

We want to hear about your experience using an eCommerce CRM. Please, tell us how it helped you.

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