5 Examples of How to Start a Letter to Get Warm Leads

Warm leads

Despite the growth of social media, email remains an inalienable component of online communication. Statistics say that in 2020, there will be 4 billion email users worldwide, and their number will amount to 4.6 billion users in a few years. Businesses widely use different email marketing strategies to stand out and attract more clients. 

It is a challenging pursuit since people ignore promo emails and send them to spam or block. Most marketers do not know how to attract people’s attention with the first lines of the letter and fail to succeed. In order to get warm leads, you have not only to follow the latest email marketing trends but also to know the basic principles of building a strong strategy. 

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5 Examples of How to Start a Letter to Get Warm Leads 4

Example of Poorly-Written Emails 

In order to learn to write good letters to gain more open rates and warm leads, let’s explore email marketing examples to improve emails and avoid mistakes in the future. So a receiver will immediately delete your email if it looks too promotional and aims at generating a profit. Do not make your letter that has nothing to offer to a receiver but only benefits from them. Another widespread mistake is writing general letters that do not address a receiver and are poorly customized. Besides, avoid sending long, boring emails full of describing your company or your achievements. 

Here you can find a bad letter example that will not spark any interest in a receiver and will go to the trash. 

Best Ways to Start a Letter to Get Warm Leads

Target your audience with a perfect email introduction that will make people pay attention to your inquiry. A general tip, applicable to all emails and receivers, is to be polite and concise, not to waste people’s time. Consider that business emails are a linking element between partners, buyers, suppliers, etc., so create them in a way to represent your credibility and proficiency. 

You may wonder why an introduction is so important for generating leads. The subject line will make your email count. Here you have to say hello to a person you write to, call them by name, and ask if they have a few minutes for your email. Take a look at the example of a good email and move on to tips.

Refer to Commonalities 

Here you have to emphasize that you and a receiver have something in common, so your letter is less likely to be ignored. You can say that you have undergone some courses together or visited a specific event. This option will suit not all senders, but if you try it, your email will get warm leads. 

Mention Their Presentation 

This tip is about customizing your letter by directly addressing a person you met or discovered on the internet. It’d be great to mention their presentation, speech, course, and ask if your services can be interesting to them. Do not be intrusive and try to smoothly move from showing your interest in a person’s work to your offer. 

Provide Solution to a Problem

Another win-win solution to start an email is to refer to a problem people can face and suggest your services or products as a solution to them. Start with a general question relating to your target audience, like: do you need a faster upload or something that corresponds to your business. Then answer it by displaying how you can help the customer. 

Highlight the Benefits

You can also start your email by representing the benefit of your products or services for a receiver. Further, you will discover a notion of email lists and services that help to target emails to the audience interested in your business. It’s your chance to say a couple of words about how your brand can be useful to them, but not in a showcasing manner. 

Include Statistics

Great business emails should contain statistical data that proves your proficiency. Here you can include the statistical representation of successful projects, number of clients, orders, etc. Include in an email anything that can be useful for a receiver and make them pursue reading your letter with interest. 

Tips on How to Increase the Open Rate for Your Emails

Let’s move to the basics to better understand the nuances of making your letter attractive and interesting to the audience.

Service Provider

You need a professional service provider to launch a successful email marketing campaign. This service automates many processes and prevents your emails from filtering and blacklisting. It helps businesses personalize their interaction with email receivers by sending letters to the target audience based on their behavior and preferences. You can manage your list and design as well as measure email marketing campaign success with the appropriate software. There are many popular email marketing services, such as iContact, Benchmark Email, Mailchimp, and more.

Email List

You will not be able to launch a successful email campaign without an active email list. It contains people who may be interested in your products or services. You can compile the list on your own by conducting an interview or giveaway when people add their data to the form. Or it’s possible to buy a ready-made list of potential receivers of your business emails. It’s crucial to manage the list and check invalid addresses, and those who unsubscribe and email marketing services can manage with it perfectly. 


People will want to open emails with a responsive design. Make sure your email opens well on mobile devices. It’s recommended to put crucial information at the beginning of the letter for people to scan it quickly. If you wish to keep pace with email marketing trends, choose modern Canva templates or create your personalized templates. Make your email eye-catchy, interesting, and full of essential data on your business. 


If your email has an attachment, you have more chances to get more open rates. The email marketing trends say that you can add any type of content like photos, videos, documents, graphs, tables, and more. It should represent your activity and proficiency. For instance, you can use Movavi tools to create a video about your company or projects. 


Now you know how to create a good marketing letter with the right introduction so that people want to open it and benefit from your services. Besides, these email marketing examples will guide you through email writing. We wish your business good luck and warm leads.

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