How To Write Resignation Acceptance Letter and Samples

    After receiving a resignation letter from an employee, replying to them with a formal written resignation acceptance letter enables you to acknowledge receipt of their letter as well as confirm their final day of work in writing.

    It also provides you with the opportunity to express congratulations and offer other information, such as expectations for the duration of their notice period or information regarding the company’s termination policy.

    A clear understanding of the essential components that should be included in a resignation acceptance letter might make it simpler to draft your resignation acceptance letter. 

    This article discusses how to write a resignation acceptance letter. Below are some more ideas, as well as a template and sample letters to assist you in writing your letter of recommendation. 

    What is a Resignation Acceptance Letter, and How do You Write one? 

    A resignation acceptance letter is a formal means of acknowledging that you have accepted your employee’s request to quit your company. It is via the resignation acceptance letter that the employer may express appreciation for the work that the employee has done for the firm and wish them the best of success in their future efforts.

    In this way, significant information may be communicated formally, such as whether or not the employee will be permitted to continue working during the remainder of the notice period or whether the resignation will become effective on that day. 

    How to Write a Resignation Acceptance Letter 

    To compose a resignation acceptance letter, follow the procedures outlined below: 

    1. Make use of appropriate formatting and organization

    When creating a resignation acceptance letter, it’s essential to adhere to the proper style and organizational structure. It is often preferable to write in a block style rather than indent your sentences.

    In addition, you should provide a one-inch space on both sides of the letter to accommodate printing errors. Make use of a simple typeface to read, such as Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman, to make your message stand out.

    It is also recommended that your font size be the smallest size that is still clearly visible, which is usually between a 10- and 12-point font. 

    2. Include the date as well as your contact details. 

    Begin by writing your name, title, business name, and company address at the top of the page, all in left-aligned capital letters.

    After you have written your contact information, leave a blank space beneath it and put the date. Leave another room and then type the name and address of the employee who has filed their resignation in the area provided. 

    3. Include a greeting in your letter

    The polite greeting “Dear [name]” should begin the conversation. You might alternatively omit the greeting entirely and introduce the individual by their given name, such as “Ms. Esther.” 

    4. Accept the resignation as a formality

    Be succinct and to the point, and in the opening phrase, express your gratitude for receiving their letter of resignation and your official acceptance of it.

    According to the employee and the circumstances behind their leave, you may choose to express your disappointment in their choice in the opening paragraph. 

    5. Keep the letter as brief as possible

     Be succinct and to the point in your correspondence. Your letter should express your official acceptance of the employee’s resignation, confirm their final day of work, and tell your best wishes for them. You may also wish to convey any expectations for what they should expect before departing, as well as any next steps or clear deadlines for offboarding duties, if applicable. 

    6. Include the date on which the employee will be terminated

    Include the date on which the individual’s employment with the firm ended.

     According to their request, you may choose to recognize this and enable them to continue working until the last date; but, depending on the circumstances, you may wish to express to them that their final date will be sooner, maybe even that day. 

    7. Include any further details

    After you have verified the employee’s final day of employment, you may want to include further information in the resignation acceptance letter, such as information about the next steps or what the business’s expectations are for the duration of the employee’s employment with the company.

    This phase is optional and depends on the position and policies of the company in which you are working. 

    8. Show your gratitude towards the employee

    Regardless of the reasons behind an employee’s leave, it is always preferable to show gratitude for their efforts while the firm employs them and wishes them well in their future pursuits.

    As a result, depending on the circumstances, you may wish to express your willingness to serve as a reference for them in the future. 

    9. Finish with a complimentary closing 

    When you’re finished, add a positive note towards the bottom of the page. “Sincerely,” “Best wishes,” and “Regards” are the most straightforward complimentary closings. When writing your resignation acceptance letter, it is advisable to utilize a formal closure. 

    10. Put your signature on the letter

    After your complimentary closure in the resignation acceptance letter, leave a spot on the letter for you to sign your name. Alternatively, if you want to send the message through email, you may enter your name in the blank spot and leave the rest empty. 

    11. Proofread your work carefully

     Preventing grammatical or typographical problems by properly proofreading a resignation acceptance letter before sending it will save you time in the long run. Make use of business-like terminology. It would help if you used a formal and professional tone while writing your resignation acceptance letter. Even if you deliver it by email, refrain from using slang or colloquial language.

    Resignation Acceptance Letter Template 

    Here’s a template that you may use to get started on how to write a resignation acceptance letter.

    [Address of the company] 
    [Insert employee’s name here] 
    Greetings, [name], 
    It is with great sadness that I acknowledge receipt of your letter of [date] in which you announce your resignation from your employment as [title]. Your resignation has been processed, and as requested, your last day of work will be on [date]. 
    The opportunity to collaborate with you has been a joy, and on behalf of our whole team, I would like to wish you the best of luck in your future efforts. [You may want to put additional information about your company’s resignation procedure in this section as well.] 
    For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or someone from Human Resources.
    Thank you once again for all of your efforts. 

    How To Write Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample 1

    Here are some samples of how to write a resignation acceptance letter. 

    Sample on how to write resignation acceptance letter when the employee can serve their notice period 

    Esther James,
    Human Resource Manager,
    Estelle’s Galleria
    ABC Street,
    Charlotte, NC
    17th of January, 2020 
    Kim Jim,
    35 ABC Road,
    Charlotte, NC.
    Greetings, Jim, 
    Your resignation from your job as Director of Surveying has been accepted, and it will become effective on January 1, 2022, as you asked in your resignation letter. 
    Your performance at Estelle’s Galleria has consistently met and exceeded my expectations, and I am confident in your ability to do so in the future. 
    The joy of working with you over the last two years has been mutual, and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.
    I speak on behalf of our whole department when I say that it has been a pleasure working with you. I’m attaching additional information on Estelle’s Galleria resignation process to go with this letter, which you can see here. 
    If you have any concerns concerning the material contained or about the procedure in general, please do not hesitate to contact me or someone from the Human Resources department for assistance. Thank you once again for your dedication and hard work. 
    Esther James

    How To Write a Resignation Acceptance Letter 2

    Allie Gray,
    Director of Information Technology 
    Go Green Agency,
    64646 Last Street
    Greenville, SC
    29th December 2021.
    Anastasia Graham, 
    17429 Anne’s Ville
    Greenville, SC.
    Greetings, Anastasia, . 
    Your resignation letter dated 29th December 2021, quitting your employment as web design expert with Go Green Agency, with effect from 29th December 2021, has been received. I regret that I have to acknowledge receipt of your resignation letter. 
    We have accepted your resignation and, in light of the circumstances, have determined that you will not be required to continue working for the remainder of your notice period. As a result, today, 29th December 2021, will be your final day with Evergreen Agency as an employee. 
    After notifying the accounting department of your absence, you will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred up to and including January 15th, when your notice period would have expired. 
    Our sincere appreciation for your efforts, and we wish you the best of luck in your future pursuits. 
    Allie Gray.


    A resignation acceptance letter expresses appreciation for the employee’s experience and contributions to the company. Accepting the employee’s resignation and releasing them from the organization’s services is accomplished by this letter. It is official. The guide in this article can help you write a resignation acceptance letter effectively.

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