Sending an Email for a Salary Raise? Read This First

    Looking for tips on How to Send an Email for Salary Raise for Your Team Members? Read Asking for a Salary Raise for Your Teammates via Email.

    Asking for a salary raise may receive either a positive or negative response. No matter the outcome, it is better to be well prepared before going about this request. The better prepared you are, the more likely it is that your request will be granted. Therefore, it is important you are well aware of how to go about sending an email for a salary raise.

    It is important to note that asking for a salary raise only applies to companies that do not have a formal process for increasing employees' salaries. Some companies have strict policies when it comes to salary raise. Therefore, understand what obtains in your company before going ahead to ask your manager or employer for a salary raise.

    We cannot overemphasize the vital role email plays in our lives. It is a very effective tool for communication these days. When it is properly employed it produces results. It is very okay to make your request for a salary raise via email. However, in order to seal this negotiation, it will also be important to have a face-to-face meeting with your boss.

    Sending the Email for Salary Raise?

    Are you currently thinking about asking for a salary raise via email? There are a few things you will need to bear in mind.

    Appropriate Timing Emails for Salary Raise

    Before asking for a salary raise, make a conscious effort to understand the financial climate of the company. Make inquiries and investigate if the company can actually accommodate such extra spending. Do not just focus on yourself and how much you need the raise. The company can only pay what it can afford. Target your request when you can tell that the company is buoyant enough to handle it. This is a very important factor you should consider before sending your email for a salary raise.

    Smart Timing Emails for Salary Raise

    One of the best times to ever ask for a salary raise is when your boss is pleased with you, especially after accomplishing something big for the company that led to or will lead to profits for the company. This is even better if you are comfortable with the company’s current financial health. That is, you have just scored a big one for your company, and from all indications, the company is also doing well financially. This is a good time to send your email requesting for a salary raise.

    Compelling Reasons in Emails for  Salary Raise

    In your email, provide fact-based reasons for a salary raise beside your recent accomplishment if any. You will need to make a case that in terms of the value you have added or are adding to the company and yourself, that you deserve a salary raise. That means you would need to know what obtains in other companies within your industry. Do a mini research and verify how much people in your position, with your qualifications and accomplishments, earn. However, this research is mainly for you to know how much raise you would be asking for.

    Avoid Comparison in Emails for Salary Raise

    Never mention what your colleagues earn or use it as a reason for wanting a raise. It is true that you may be earning less than you deserve, while some of your colleagues who seem to be doing less or less qualified earn more. It may be of concern to you, but you must never cite this in your email or insinuate it in any way while negotiating for a salary raise. It will do damage to your chances. Let your reasons for a raise be purely based on your own personal merits.

    Nothing Personal in Emails for Salary Raise

    It is an awful idea to ask for a salary raise because you have personal needs or pressing family demands. You must not present personal financial challenges as a reason for requesting a salary raise. It is possible that this could be one of your main considerations, for example, your wife may have just been delivered of a baby or your child just got admitted into college. However, it should not come up in your emails or verbal conversations during your negotiation. Focus on why you deserve a salary raise rather than why you need one.

    Being Sensitive in Emails for Salary Raise

    You should at this stage of your employment be familiar with your manager’s or boss’s temperament. That is, you should understand how he or she handles and copes with stress and other things. With this in mind, do not make your request when he or she is not in an ideal frame of mind or in the best of moods. Also, watch out for the general atmosphere in the company. If the company is involved in a legal battle or other situations that may be pulling its resources and putting pressure on your boss, do not send an email requesting for a salary raise. Chances are that you would receive a resounding ‘no!’ As a rule of thumb, only ask for a raise when your boss is in a good mood.

    No Ultimatums in Emails for Salary Raise

    Remember that what you are doing is a request, or better put, a negotiation for a salary raise. Do not become desperate to the point that your boss feels you are giving him or her deadlines to meet your demand. Watch the tone of your email as well as your general attitude towards your boss while negotiating for a salary raise. No matter how valuable you feel you are to the company, your boss can still fire you! Except you are willing to lose your job, it is best to take this process nice and slow.

    Remain Flexible in Emails for Salary Raise

    Be prepared to receive a downward review of the amount requested, a delay or a conditional salary raise. There are certain things about the company that you may not be fully aware of which your boss or manager is well aware of. It could also be that there is pressure on your manager from the management not to raise salaries of employees or to handle your case in a way that does not completely satisfy you, though he or she may be willing to oblige you fully.

    Prepare for a Face-to-Face

    Although it is okay to ask for a salary raise via email, it is very important that you eventually request a formal face-to-face meeting with your boss to finalize your agreement. You can make the request from the onset, that is, in your first email. But ensure that this first email contains all the facts you wish to present to your boss. You may also decide to make this request after reaching a concrete agreement with him or her via email. This meeting to be done in person gives a human face and strength to your email negotiation.

    For the meeting, ensure you are neatly and formally dressed. Put on your best suit, and let your shoes glitter like the stars. During the meeting only reiterate what you had been saying via email. Hopefully, after this meeting, the next time you see your boss, it will be good news.

    Prepare to Wait

    When negotiating for a salary raise via email or even in person, patience is a required virtue. Do not be in a hurry to get email replies from your manager or boss. Give him or her time to process the information you provide, and to give an appropriate response(s). Of course, you may send a reminder(s) to him or her if there is a protracted delay in replying your email.

    Your boss will need to be sure that raising your salary is financially and ethically right at the time you are requesting. Therefore, you should exercise patience during your negotiation.

    Prepare for ‘No’

    No matter what you have packaged, have in mind that you may eventually get a negative response. Therefore, you would need to come to terms with the possibility of receiving a ‘no’. There is no need to resign or take any drastic step if this actually happens. Remain calm and ask at another opportune time. Only quit your job if it is the best career decision.

    Backup Plan

    Have a backup plan if eventually, you do not get what you want. If your request for a salary raise is not granted, you can ask for something smaller from your boss. There is a high chance he or she will respond positively to this. You may request for an improved working condition which may be changing your official laptop, renovating your office or moving to a department of your choice. Make sure whatever you are asking for is reasonable.

    Tips on Composing Your Email

    • Your email should be formal in nature
    • The subject line should be clear and concise
    • It should have a professional opening greeting
    • The main body may have two or more paragraphs in which you make your case
    • It should have a formal closing

    Also see the article, Essentials on Asking for a Salary Raise via Email for further guidelines on requesting for a salary raise via email.

    Sample Email: Before Sending an Email for a Salary Raise

    Subject: Formal Request for Salary Review

    Dear Madam,

    I deeply appreciate the privilege to work for you as Project Manager for Limpopo Aquatics Limited.

    In the last three years, my duties in the organization have increased considerably, and I usually complete every task assigned to me at record time with outstanding quality. I, therefore, wish to humbly request for an upward review of my current salary.

    My salary has remained unchanged since my employment in 2014. Since then, I have gladly taken up roles aside from my normal portfolio, that have allowed me to add great value to the company. For instance, I volunteered to facilitate the creation of our social media handles; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I am currently in charge of seeing the day-to-day performance of these platforms. As you know, I just completed a diploma in social media marketing.

    I believe the foregoing gives credible reasons for a salary raise for me.

    I would appreciate it if you could make out time in your schedule for us to meet and discuss this matter further.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    José Santos

    Project Manager, Limpopo Aquatics Limited


    [email protected]

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