Seven (7) Ways to Write Professional Email Subject Lines – With Samples

Email subject lines are strong propellers of messages that get results. They must be written with the content of the email in mind and in a way that will drive recipients to read the message of the email. Every email comes with a subject line but not all emails have good subject lines that will ignite the reader’s email as a whole.

Ways to Write Professional Email Subject Lines Plus Samples

Here are ways to write professional email subject lines for business.

  1. Grab The Reader’s Attention

Why do you get carried away with newspapers? The simple truth is that they grab readers’ attention with mind-blowing headlines. They want you to read their least interesting news by introducing them in a way that will capture your attention and get you reading. This also applies to business emails’ subject lines. You must grab your readers’ attention with interesting subject lines that will keep them glued to read your email.

Here are examples of ways to write professional email subject lines to grab the readers’ attention:

  • 10 Amazing New Products for Sale Now
  • Jingles – a new trend is here again
  • Don’t shut it, open up to new realities
  • Get the tips to shed those weights
  • Your Skin can Glow Again

2. Click The Recipient With Clarity

The best way to make your subject line unique is to ensure it is a clearly stated line. Click the recipient with clarity. Don’t sound odd with the use of heavy words. Remember, the subject line is your first impression on the reader, create it with clarity in order not to confuse your recipient.

Here are examples of ways to write professional email subject lines with clarity:

  • Buy a New Product and Get a Nice Prize
  • Interesting News for You

3. Arouse The Reader’s Interest

Your first idea of a subject line should be to drive your reader into the content of the email. Arouse the reader’s interest with your subject lines. This is a good way to make it exceptional. Give your prospect suspense-filled questions in the subject lines that will drive out their curiosity and make it inevitable for them to look out for the answers in the content. However, subject lines of this nature can easily miss the target if not carefully drafted.

Here are examples of ways to write professional email subject lines to arouse interest:

  • How Many Years Does It Take …?
  • Have You Bought the Latest Wears?
  • This Is So Awkward But…
  • Get The Newest Offer

4. Be Direct And Distinct

There are situations in which you have amazing offers for your clients or customers. Stating those offers with vague clichés will cloud the beauty and uniqueness of the offer. You have to state directly what you are giving out to your customers in a distinct way that will not water down the value of your offers.

Examples of professional email subjects that are direct and distinct with presentation of offers are highlighted below:

  • Great Prizes for Top Ten Winners
  • Answers on New Products
  • Latest Designers for Kids
  • How to Get the Best from our Products

5. Applauding Subject Lines

Customers or clients that get frequently applauded for their patronage get frequently interested in doing business with a company. You can keep your customers or clients patronizing you again and again through the ‘thank you’ emails with applauding subject lines as exemplified below.

  • Thank You!
  • You are Excellent
  • Excels Limited Appreciates You

Applauding your clients and customers in a surprising way like the subject lines examples above keeps their expectations high about the message itself. It makes them feel important as they continually patronize your products.

6. Be Creative

Creativity is the bedrock of a good subject line that inflates your customer’s interest in reading the content of the email. Create email subject lines that will appeal to the reader’s mind. Don’t present any form of insecurity. Show a high sense of courage with a subject line highly pitched on creativity. No reader can overlook a creatively crafted subject line. It propels your prospects to get the message you have for them right in their minds.

Here are examples of professional email subject lines that were creatively crafted:

  • A Trial will Convince You

The above subject line is thought-provoking and you will like to know the trial that will convince you.

  • Good News
  • Something is at Stake

Creating professional subject lines that will shock your readers and help them search further makes you unique.

7. Give Information, Not Empty Clichés

Empty clichés might look extravagantly elegant but are full with nothing. Such empty clichés send your emails to the Spam. Ensure your subject lines inform the recipient in an exceptional way that won’t crack their interest about reading your message. Information in a unique way gives results than well-arranged empty words.

Put all you need to put in place in your subject lines. Don’t miss the message, don’t miss the mark and don’t miss the beauty.

  • You are a Winner

The email with the above subject line is meant to appreciate a customer’s patronage by stating how you’ve won through doing business with them. It is clear, creative and communicates. This makes it not just a subject line but an exceptional one.


The above examples of professional email subject lines are provided to simply guide you in choosing the words and expressions to use to ensure your business emails are read and responded to. Make sure you always come up with the perfect subject line for each email you send.

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