Best Practices for Whatsapp for Business

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Starting out as a personal chat tool, especially after its buy over by Facebook, it has become one of the best business marketing platforms.

However, rather than assume everyone on the planet knows about Whatsapp for business and its effectiveness for business use, this post will highlight the best ways to use Whatsapp for business so that its many benefits can be enjoyed. Just like they say, information is power. Starting with the rudiments and down to its more comprehensive parts.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is free, and your mobile number is all you need for a connection with the world. With your verified mobile number, you can chat with other Whatsapp users everywhere. There is no barrier due to country codes or time difference, everyone anywhere can chat on Whatsapp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without interruption.

The other aspect is to ensure that there is a reliable network connection such as Wifi or mobile data. It supports media (video and pictures) and file sharing, with voice and video call possibility; what more can one ask for? Currently, more than 55.6% of the world uses Whatsapp for instant communication. Going forward to the real deal, Whatsapp for Business here’s how to get the best use, as announced in 2017.

How to use Whatsapp for Business

As earlier said, the Whatsapp app is available in the store attached to all smartphones. From Ios to Android, all have the latest version of the Whatsapp app. Upon downloading the app from the requisite store, it brings up a prompt to enter your mobile number, once done, the same is verified via an SMS or a Call and the number becomes an active Whatsapp line.

Why Use Whatsapp For Business?

With more than half of the world using Whatsapp, you can be sure that such a number among your customers are current Whatsapp users, so literally, using Whatsapp for business is the smart way to go for every business owner. It’s as simple as that.

Ways to Use Whatsapp For Business to Yield Effective Results

Businesses should adopt the use of Whatsapp to communicate with numerous clients (up to 256 contacts at a stretch) by utilizing the following tips:

Customer Service in Real-Time

With Whatsapp for business communication, your business can provide an extraordinary Customer Service experience to clients. Every question can be replied to in an apt manner since customers can just send a chat over for answers to question they may have on your product or service.

If you are an international vendor, with customers in different parts of the world, a client who intends to purchase a product for delivery may be in the ‘am’ hours while you are your ‘pm’ hours, but with Whatsapp for business, you can easily respond to the client. In addition, with the inclusion of files, video, and calls, every customer can get a personal customer service experience which most instant messaging applications do not have.

General Customer Support

With the 24hour Status feature on Whatsapp, every business owner is able to reach customers with new products and solutions to problems they may have. For example, a salon owner can post short video clips on how to give general maintenance to their hair which keeps clients glued to the Whatsapp page because of the benefits they receive.

A tech expert may post pictures and tutorials on how-tos, while an e-commerce store owner can post pictures of their new arrivals, and the list goes on. With this resource, your company becomes a one-stop place for anything they require when it relates to the services or products rendered.

Target Groups

Whatsapp for business enables the creation of groups with many participants where your customers can invite referrals who they think will benefit from your product or service. The provision of live videos and support can be shared with contacts not in the group who may require your service which leads to more customer generation and retention.

You can form different groups for different customer segments so that you can tailor the information communicated to various groups differently.

Customer Feedback

You can create a group where you ask for feedback from your customers. This way, you will find out what you need to improve on, especially where many of your customers agree to the same thing.

What’s more, it serves as an indirect way to carry out indirect market research to improve your products and/or services. As much as customers do not like to answer questionnaires, with the addition of a coupon or freebie, should you decide to use one, you will get many responses to your questionnaires and surveys.

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Flash Sales and other promotional items

Rather than wait for customers to log on to your website by chance in order to view your flash sale and promotional offers, Whatsapp for business enables you to reach more customers than you can imagine.

The Display Picture and Status can work for this, and you can be sure that almost all of them will view what you have to offer. This way, you get more focused attention and faster sales. Your coupons will not be wasted because you will automatically reach more customers than if your awareness was only restricted to your website and other social media platforms.

Partner with other Business Owners

When you join other groups and partner with like-minded business owners on Whatsapp for Business, you increase your network, thereby increasing the awareness you give your business.

When you collaborate with other partners, they will refer customers who need your service to you especially if they do not offer the same service.


Whatsapp is a great tool for businesses. Its direct communicating features make it worth every penny spent in getting an effective internet connection on any device for its use. Be it on a mobile phone or PC, Whatsapp gives you everything you need to reach out to your customers and get fast responses.

Not ignoring the fact that people do not relish their privacy and dislike continuous disturbance, so you need to moderately send messages and posts. Your group may just be one out of 20 groups a certain person belongs and when it is time to take out one group that disturbs, you may just fall into that category.

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