Best Tips and Templates for Writing Customer Friendly Emails


As humans, nothing gets to us like care. This is the full-time job of every customer care agent, caring for the needs and complaints of your customers as you provide goods or services to their satisfaction. While it is exciting and rewarding, it is also full of its own challenges as results of human flaws with other factors that may come to play. Some simple tips make the work easier and fulfilling when communicating with a client via email. Today, we would discuss the basics of writing customer friendly emails.

Today, we would discuss the basics of writing customer friendly emails.

Call Them by Name

One of the things that make your email customer friendly is that it should be and sound personal. The first way in doing this is to use your customer’s name in addressing him or her. This has a way of passing across the message that your customer is not just a figure in the statistics kept in data of your company but you are mindful of him or her. It is not only friendly to address people this way, it is also polite. This is one of the most important skills you need for writing customer friendly emails.

Make Your Email Brief

Your email can be brief and friendly. This will make it easier to read and less flooded with too much information that may end up confusing your customer, especially if it is not written with clarity. People do not appreciate long-reads. The world is moving at a fast pace, and most people simply do not have the patience to peruse your long emails. Therefore, your aim to communicate with your client will be futile if they do not get to read what you have sent. Hence, to maximize your impact and write customer friendly emails, endeavor to keep them short. In short, brevity makes a great read! Bring all the necessary information together in a small, neat masterpiece.

Salutation Matters

Open your email with a friendly salutation. Perhaps, the word “Hello” is one that strikes a balance between being professional, formal and also gives that friendly connotation to it. As simple as this seems, it makes a great difference in how your email is perceived and received. You may go further to ask about the client’s well-being or day when writing customer friendly emails.

For instance, the sentence; “Hope this email meets you well?” covers a lot. It carries a caring and friendly tone. You may also say; “Hope your day went well” if you are certain about the customer’s time zone and that such a greeting is appropriate for the location and situation.

Show Empathy

Show the client that you truly care. This is really important when writing customer friendly emails. What is the point of attending to a customer without showing genuine concern for him or her? You cannot demand loyalty from someone who is not sure you understand him or her. Empathy shows the customer that you are actually there. While writing your email, your client should not have any issues knowing that you genuinely care. Even when the customer’s complaint cannot be taken care of, empathy might just be all they need.

Your email to your customer should carry a note of empathy and this can be done effectively after you have understood what the customer’s complaints are. In a one-on-one interpersonal communication experience, empathy is shown after you have listened and understood the message the other party is passing across. This is also the case when sending an email. You should take the time to carefully understand the needs of your customer and address them. Acknowledge the effects you know the challenges must have had on them physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Provide Explanation

As good as empathy goes, it is just not enough. Most clients with complaints will require explanation to have satisfaction. Therefore, you will need to explain to your customer what went wrong and why. This has a way of promoting rapport, fostering understanding and encouraging loyalty.

Always be Apologetic

It does not hurt to say “I am sorry”. The customer may be blatantly wrong, but an apology sets the right tone even if you wish to point out the client’s fault. Taking a defensive posture in your email does your company no good at all. However, showing empathy and apologizing can keep the customer calm. A follow-up email can be sent to explain to the customer how the company was not at fault. If the customer is actually right, the company must apologize, provide an explanation and compensate him or her, if they really want to retain that client. This is what writing customer friendly emails is all about.

Closing Matters

Close your email on a positive note. Your last statements should not be cold. The customer should feel positive after reading your email. You may say “thank you for patronizing us” or “it is our pleasure to serve you”. The final thing should be “best regards” or “best wishes” etc. You may then close with your name and other necessary information following. Writing good closing gives power to you when writing customer friendly emails.

Grammar, Grammar, Grammar

Never joke with the power of the right grammar. Structure your grammar appropriately. An aspect of this is the use of personal pronouns in your emails. This makes your communication experience more interactive, personal and encourages feedback. Use pronouns like “we” and “I” instead of referring to an abstract body like “the management” which the customer cannot really relate with.

Remember to keep your grammar simple and straightforward when writing customer friendly emails. There is no need to use technical terms or big words. However, you may use technical or professional terms if you are certain that the client is familiar with them.


Typos could cause disaster for a company. After composing your email and feeling good with yourself, an incorrectly spelled word could just be what will put off that customer. Typographical errors in an email give a picture of a lack of thoroughness on your part. It will be hard to convince the client that you can provide excellent services. So proofread over and over before hitting the ‘send’ button.

Sample Email: Writing Customer Friendly Emails

Hello Collins,

Hope your day went well today?

I received your query regarding the television set you bought from our store at Olive County three days ago. I felt deeply sad to realize you missed the Football World Cup final match because the television would not come on. I understand how disappointed you would have felt. Please accept our deepest apologies for this experience.

We understand that there was a voltage surge in your county as at the time the television set got damaged. This was verified by the chief county technician. Other homes had a similar experience.

Nevertheless, our technical crew will arrive at your residence in 24 hours to ascertain the fault and fix it.

Thanks for patronizing us.

 Best wishes,

Sylva Domingo

Sales Manager

Global Stores, San Diego

Edited by Kelechi Duru

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