How To Write For Email For Gift Contribution: Samples Included


Knowing how to effectively craft the perfect email for gift contribution can help you get the best gift there is for that special person. Have you ever scratched your head, pondering the perfect present for that special person? If there’s one thing that warms the heart and spreads joy faster, it’s the act of giving.

According to a study published in the journal Science, spending money on others, also known as prosocial spending, leads to greater happiness than spending money on oneself. The researchers found that people who engaged in acts of giving reported increased levels of happiness and overall well-being.

So you begin your adventures of scouring the stores, sifting through countless online shops, and finally, you’ve found THE perfect gift. But there is a little problem, the price tag is way too high. But you can just give up like that, this person is too special and deep down you know the person deserves something this meaningful and memorable.

Then you suddenly remember that this person was not only special to you but special to some other people too. So what do you do? Do you ask these other people to contribute? Yes, you will have to ask them at some point. I know what you are thinking. Won’t I come off as greedy? What will they think of me? What will that do to my personality?

I understand your concern, but what if I told you there is a way to craft a heartfelt and irresistible email that will have your loved ones or colleagues eager to join in on your gift adventure? I bet that put your mind a little bit at ease right?

Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday bash, a heartwarming retirement gift, or an unforgettable wedding present, our expertly-crafted email template will guide you through the entire process with ease and finesse.

9 Strategies To Write A Compelling Email For Gift Contribution

Now that the introduction is out of the way, it’s time to dive into the practical steps of crafting that extraordinary email for gift contribution. Here’s what you need to do next:

1. Understand the Occasion

Before you start drafting your email, take a moment to reflect on the occasion that calls for this special gift collection. Most people often do this for a retirement party or farewell celebration of a colleague, a milestone birthday, or a baby shower. If you understand the essence of the event, then you can personalize your email based on that event or occasion.

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2. Compile Your List of Recipients

One major important thing you need to think about is who you will be sending the email to. Trust me you don’t want to send to some random individual who you are likely not to get a response from. Start the list by compiling those people that are close to or have worked with the person who wants to purchase the gift. Consider close friends, family members, and colleagues of the person being honoured. The larger the circle of love, the more magical the gift collection will become.

3. Craft a Compelling Subject Line

If you want your email for gift contribution to be compelling, you must not ignore the subject line. We can’t seem to overemphasize the importance of a subject line in an email. It is like your gateway to your email’s enchanting world. Writing a captivating subject line that instantly sparks curiosity and beckons recipients to open the email must be at the top of your list when drafting the email. Like always, keep it short, sweet and packed with intrigue.

4. Write a Compelling Story

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Now that you’ve got the subject line in place, here comes the real deal of your email. “Why should they contribute to your gift-buying adventure.” You should be able to convince them and make them see a reason why they should contribute to buying the gift for the individual. Here is when you narrate the story behind the gift collection. Share personal anecdotes, heartwarming memories, or tales of how the honoree has touched the lives of those around them. The more emotional resonance you evoke, the more eager your recipients will be to participate.

5. Set the Contribution Goal

Also, you need to be transparent about the contribution goal for the gift. Ensure the amount is reasonable and affordable for all participants. To make it more comfortable for the recipient, you can suggest both minimum and maximum contributions to accommodate varying budgets.

6. Provide Payment Options

To make it even more convenient for your recipient, you can suggest multiple payment options from online platforms to cash collection methods. Providing different options for payment will even encourage wider participation.

7. Personalization

If you know how the person who is being honoured has inspired or impacted the recipient, you can state it. Share personal stories, memories, or shared experiences that will tug at heartstrings and encourage people to become a part of something meaningful. Infuse your email with creativity and enthusiasm. Use expressive language, add cheerful graphics, or even include a heartwarming quote to uplift the spirits of your recipients and ignite their excitement for the gift collection.

8. Express Gratitude in Advance

Remember to thank and appreciate your recipients for being part of the collective gift-giving venture. Emphasize that it’s not just about the gift itself, but the love and thoughtfulness behind it that truly matter. Also, you need to communicate the deadline for contributions, allowing ample time for everyone to participate. A sense of urgency can encourage prompt participation, but be careful not to overdo it.

9. Proofread and Send

Lastly, before you send the email to your recipient, make sure you have reviewed it for any typos or errors. Ensure that your message conveys exactly what you wish to express. Once you’re satisfied, you can go ahead and hit the send button.

6 Sample Templates Email For Gift Contribution

From the above, we have decided to provide you with six sample emails for different occasions where you can ask people to contribute a gift to honour someone. These templates can be replicated and used for different occasions.

Sample 1: Birthday Celebration for A Beloved Friend

Here is a template you can use when a colleague, friend, or family member is having an upcoming birthday. This template can be replicated to fit that of a colleague or other important people in your life having a birthday

Subject: Let's Make [Name]'s Birthday Unforgettable

Dear Mark,

As the big day approaches, we can't help but feel a surge of excitement and gratitude for having [Name] in our lives. To make this birthday truly remarkarble , we've decided to come together and create a gift that will leave a lasting impression on our dear [Name].

I invite you to be a part of this heartwarming endeavor. Your contribution, no matter the size, will play a significant role in buying a gift that reflects the love and appreciation we all have for [Name].

Let's make this birthday one to remember forever! Click the link below to contribute to our collective gift fund and add your personal touch to this special surprise.

[Link to Gift Collection Platform]

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this celebration of [Name]'s life and all the cherished memories we've shared with them.

With love,

Sample 2: Baby Shower Surprise for an Expectant Mother

Subject: Showering [Mother's Name] and [Baby's Name] with Love

Dear [Friends/Family/Colleagues],

As we eagerly await the arrival of a precious new life, we want to express our love and support for the glowing mother-to-be, [Mother's Name], and the little bundle of joy, [Baby's Name].

Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion by contributing to a heartfelt baby shower gift that will shower [Mother's Name] and [Baby's Name] with love and blessings. Your thoughtful gesture will help us create something truly special—a keepsake to cherish their journey into parenthood.

Let's unite to fill their hearts with warmth and happiness as they embark on this incredible chapter of life.

Deadline for contributions: [Date]

Thank you for being a part of this joyous celebration!

Warmest regards,

[Your Name]

Sample 3: Retirement Farewell

This template can be used when someone in our office is retiring and you need to buy them a gift to appreciate them.

Subject: A Tribute to [Retiree's Name]: Celebrating a Journey of Dedication

Dear [Colleagues/Friends],

As you all know, our colleague and dear friend, [Retiree's Name], is embarking on a new chapter inhis/her life. With their guidance and support, [Retiree's Name] has left an indelible mark on all our lives.

To commemorate their remarkable journey and express our gratitude, we would like to present [Retiree's Name] with a token of appreciation and we have decided to present them with a gift that symbolizes the impact they've had on each one of us.

We invite you to join us in this collective gesture by contributing to the gift. Your contribution will not only make the gift truly special but will also serve as a heartfelt appreciation to our dear friend's legacy.

[Provide payment instructions and deadline]

Let's come together and celebrate [Retiree's Name]'s remarkable achievements as they step into a world of well-earned relaxation and adventure!

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Sample 4: Wedding Anniversary Gift Collection

Here is an email sample you can use for a wedding anniversary gift collection

Dear [Friends/Family/Colleagues],

Love is in the air as [Couple's Name] prepares to mark another beautiful year of togetherness. To honor their unwavering love and commitment, we have a heartfelt plan to buy them a remarkable gift that will capture the essence of their bond.

Join us in making this wedding anniversary extraordinary by contributing to a gift that symbolizes the love and joy shared by [Couple's Name]. Your generous gesture will undoubtedly make this celebration even more memorable.

Together, let's commemorate the milestones they've achieved and the love that has grown stronger with each passing day. Your presence in this gift will mean the world to [Couple's Name].

Deadline for contributions: [Date]

Thank you for being a part of this love-filled tribute!

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Example 5: Teacher Appreciation for Dedication and Excellence

This is a template that you can use when trying to request donations to buy a gift to appreciate a teacher for their commitment and dedication to the students and school.

Subject: Saying Thank You to [Teacher's Name]

Dear [Parents/Guardians/Students],

Education is the foundation upon which dreams take flight, and our esteemed teacher, [Teacher's Name], has been the guiding light for countless young minds. As the school year comes to an end, it's time to express our heartfelt appreciation for all [Teacher's Name] has done to shape the future of our children.

To honor their dedication and unwavering commitment, we're planning to surprise [Teacher's Name] with a thoughtful gift. We believe that by coming together as a community, we can create something truly special that showcases our gratitude.

We invite you to be a part of this beautiful gesture by contributing to the gift. Your generosity will convey our collective thanks and admiration for [Teacher's Name]'s passion for teaching.

[Provide payment instructions and deadline]

Let's make [Teacher's Name]'s heart bloom with joy and appreciation as we say "thank you" in the most memorable way!


Example 6: Sample Email Asking Coworkers to Contribute to A Gift to Celebrate a Coworker’s Farewell

This is a template for when asking coworkers to contribute a gift when their colleague is moving away.

Sending [Colleague's Name] Off with Gratitude

Dear [Team/Department], (You can use personalization-name of colleague)

As you may have heard, one of our colleague and dear friend, [Colleague's Name], has been promoted in their career. While we couldn't be more thrilled for their well-deserved success, it also brings us to a moment of bidding farewell to a cherished member of our team.

[Colleague's Name] has been an invaluable asset, leaving an indelible mark on our team with their exceptional talents, dedication, and unwavering support. Their promotion is a testament to their hard work and exemplary contributions, and we couldn't be prouder to have been a part of their journey.

To show our appreciation and bid them a heartfelt farewell, we're planning a special gift as a symbol of our gratitude and best wishes. We believe that coming together as a team will make this gift truly extraordinary.

We invite each one of you to contribute to this farewell gift for [Colleague's Name]. Your contribution, will make a significant difference in creating a meaningful memento they can cherish for years to come.

[Provide payment instructions and deadline]

Let's celebrate this exciting milestone in [Colleague's Name]'s life with the and warmth that defines our team. Your participation will not only make the gift special but will also convey our deep appreciation for the memories we've shared together.

Join us in raising a toast to [Colleague's Name]'s remarkable achievement and saying goodbye with hearts full of gratitude and best wishes.

With warm regards,

[Your Name] and the [Team/Department]


When it comes to celebrating special occasions with a thoughtful and collective gift, a well-crafted email can make all the difference in successfully collecting money from friends, family, or colleagues. Throughout this article, we’ve explored the key components that make up an effective email for collecting funds for a gift and learned the art of striking the right tone to inspire generosity.

As we wrap up our exploration of crafting the perfect email for collecting money for a gift, remember that the essence lies in combining heartfelt emotions with clear communication. Whether it’s a birthday surprise, a wedding gift, a farewell memento, or any other occasion, the power of collective giving can create unforgettable memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship and love.

So, the next time you find yourself organizing a gift collection, put these insights into practice and watch as your email sparks a wave of generosity that culminates in a meaningful and cherished gift for that special someone.

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