How to Acknowledge an Email Professionally

It is true that properly acknowledging business emails will improve your success rate, doing business in the 21st century.  Countless number of emails in the business world is sent to receive information, place a demand, make a complaint or execute a plan. To acknowledge these varieties of emails professionally, you have to acknowledge them based on the sender’s demand.

There are peculiar ways of acknowledging the emails you receive professionally. Note these ten tips to acknowledge receiving an email as a business owner or individual.

1 – Appreciate the Sender

Appreciation is an associate of acknowledgment. As a recipient, you can win your sender by simply sending a ‘thank you’ reply to acknowledge receiving the email. For instance, your customer sent a complaint email. The first step to winning such a customer is not a reaction but appreciation. You can send an email like this:

Example I – Acknowledging an Email Professionally

‘Thanks, we received your email.’

Emails that appreciate a sender will definitely create an impression that the receiver is not a snob.

2 – Be Straightforward

Be direct when you want to acknowledge an email professionally. Make your statements clear and be specific. Acknowledge receiving the email as an individual or a representative of a company.

3 – Work on the Focal Point

The focal point of the email you received should be adequately worked upon to show you actually acknowledge receiving the email. You can recreate the focal points to suit the additional information that you want to attach as a reply to your sender.

4 – Send a Time-bound Message

A business can reveal their level of effectiveness and efficiency through its response to customers emails.

In a case where a customer sends a complaint email, you can acknowledge the email by sending a time-limit on when the issues raised will be addressed.  You will find an example later in this post.

If you receive an email that you cannot promptly attend to, acknowledge the email and tell the sender the time the issue will be addressed.

5 – Polite Presentation

The saying ‘there are two sides to a coin’ confirms the fact that conditions of things can be either positive or negative.

Your response to an email should be based on the information the email presents. The information could be either positive or negative. Acknowledging receiving an email should not reflect emotions of anger and frustration. Present your acknowledgment of the email politely to show you regard the views of your sender.

 6 – Give the Necessary Suggestions

There are times a recipient acknowledges an email because the issues are not such that can be settled through an email. In cases of this nature, give necessary suggestions on how to solve the issues raised by the sender. The sender may be required to come to the company or meet someone. Such suggestions should be clearly stated.

Example II – Acknowledging an Email Professionally

Dear John,

We regret that you have been having issues with the money transfer we send to your bank account. You may have to visit your bank to resolve this issue.  Ask your account officer to write to us via our customer support email, and he or she should quote your affiliate id to enable us to verify your identity.

If this doesn’t solve this issue, please let us know so that we can take further steps. Thank you.


7 – Answer the Questions

There are emails that are replete with questions. You can acknowledge receiving such emails by giving answers to those questions without exempting any. If you can’t promptly answer those questions, just give a time-limit that the answers will be sent.

Sometimes, there are questions that require urgent answers. For questions of this nature, answers should be given without delay.

8 – Involve the Sender

There are some emails that require you involve the sender. This is because the sender has contributed to you in a positive way and you wish to acknowledge the receipt of their positive contribution. Involving them by giving them opportunities to ask questions in subsequent emails or make some requests is a way of involving the sender.

You can also involve the sender by informing them that they can send their comments on the activities they contributed to through the email you received.

Example III – Acknowledging an Email Professionally

Hi James,

Thank you for a swift response. I am glad you found the web app very useful. You will definitely discover more functionality over the next few days.

Feel free to contact me for a feature request, suggestion or complaint at any time. I will be very pleased to help out in any way.

Best regards,

9 – Highlight the Uniqueness of Your Sender

You may receive an email that shows the sender’s abilities, for example, an email that deals with job application with the sender’s resume attached to it. Your acknowledgment of such email should indicate the sender’s professional achievements to point out the fact that the resume of the sender was checked and the company respects the sender’s achievements.

Example III – Acknowledging an Email Professionally

Dear Ruth,

We are glad that you are interested in working with our company. We are delighted that you have completed your MBA at such a young age.

Your resume has been passed to our human resource department. You may contact us if you do not receive a message from them within the next five working days.

We wish you the best in your application.


10 – Detailed Information

Detailed information must be provided in acknowledgment information to avoid confusion. You should acknowledge the sender’s email by providing some detailed information such as dates that the necessary procedures will be carried out.

For example, an acknowledgment for a job interview should give detailed information about the date of the interview, the time and the venue.

After a company has sent emails to their customers requesting their customers’ level of satisfaction on their goods and services, a customer can send an acknowledgment email to appreciate the services of the company. The customer should provide adequate information such as specific products that make the services of the company deserve the appreciation email.


In conclusion, bear in mind that the importance of professionally acknowledging emails cannot be overemphasized. Doing this all the time will help you stand out from the pack of competitors and keep your customers coming back.

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