How to Reply RSVP Emails

After receiving an invitation to an event, it’s tempting to just shove the invitation aside and make a mental note to reply later. Moreover, what is the big deal about RSVPing right? That’s not entirely true. For you the invitee, it may be, but for the organizer, it isn’t.

Sending RSVP reply emails are extremely important as it does a world of good for the organizer. Reply RSVP emails are important as it gives the organizer the details they need to plan properly.

RSVP invitations can come in all mediums, so long it’s a medium of communication, it can be used to request RSVP. With the astronomical increase in popularity of email as a faster, cheaper and easier alternative to other mediums of communication, email invitations have become extremely popular for birthdays, meetings, holidays, meetings or gatherings.

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What is an RSVP Email?

RSVP is an abbreviation for the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît” which translates to (please respond).  An RSVP is a simple and polite request from an organizer asking you to confirm or decline their invitation. It is considered rude and impolite to leave a host hanging without a reply.

Replying to RSVPs are important as it gives the organizer the information they need to help them plan more effectively. Replying to an RSVP email helps the organizer decide the amount of food they should make, the number of seats to reserve, better organize the seating arrangements and a host of other reasons. This ensures that the event goes smoothly and they’re able to plan and organize effectively.

RSVP Types and How to Respond

There are different RSVP types for an event. There isn’t a particular method reserved for sending RSVP. It could be by text, emails, social media, mailed invitations, etc. The best way to reply to an RSVP depends entirely on the recipient and your relationship with them. If an organizer sends you an RSVP by email, it’s best to also reply in the same medium. But if you’re close to the organizer, you can also call Rsvp.

Deciding How and When to Reply to RSVP Emails

Before committing to an event, it is best to make sure you’ve considered everything. This does not mean you cannot change your mind after you reply to an RSVP, doing this isn’t advisable as it causes the organizer to alter their plans in most cases.

Before replying to an RSVP, there are things you need to consider. Some of these are:

  1. Decide whether or not you’ll attend: The very first step to replying to an RSVP is to decide whether you’ll attend the event or you’ll be declining the invitation. It’s best to decide whether or not you’ll be attending an event as soon as you get the invitation.

Somethings to consider when deciding whether or not to attend an event is the location of said event. If an event is happening outside your town, attending it may be costly.

Also, check your calendar to make sure the event does not clash with any other engagement you may have planned.

Lastly, if you’re going to be replying to the RSVP for people other than yourself such as your family members, Coworkers, etc. You may need to confirm their availability before replying to the RSVP.

  1. Understand the type of event: Different occasions require different tones and different levels of formality. Hence, you need to consider the occasion before you reply to the RSVP.

If your neighbour is having a get-together and they sent out an informal email invitation, you could also decide to reply to the RSVP informally. Also, if you’re invited to a wedding and the invitation is extremely formal, it’s important to reply to the RSVP with that in mind.

Generally, the rule to replying to RSVP is to use the same medium as you were invited.

  1. Respond as soon as possible: After deciding whether or not you’ll attend the event, you should respond as quickly as you can. This is the most important thing when replying to an RSVP email. It’s important to give the organizer appropriate notice of your decision to attend the event or not.

In some invitations, the organizer stipulates the time you’re to reply to the RSVP. If this is the case with your invitation, send your reply before the stipulated date.

The reason it’s important to reply as soon as you can is that your silence on your decision may be interpreted as accepting the invitation.

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How to Write an Email Replying an RSVP

In this part of the article, we’re going to discuss the best ways to write an email replying to an RSVP.  After deciding how and when to reply to your email, you’ll need to write the email. Here are a few tips on how to write an email replying to an RSVP:

  1. Write the subject line: This is easily the most important part of an email replying to an RSVP. The subject line should include your decision on whether or not you’re going to be attending the event.

If you’re replying to a formal invitation, your subject letter should convey that formality.

An official subject line would be: “Decline Invitation to the Conference”

An informal subject line would be: “Cannot make it to your birthday party.”

  1. Address your email properly: Addressing your email is essential as it sets the tone of your email. Addressing your email properly also conveys to your recipient the regard you hold for them.
  1. The body: The body of your email replying to the RSVP is easily the most important part of your email. This is the part that conveys your response to the recipient. If you’re accepting or declining the invitation, this is part of the email that replies to the RSVP.
  1. The sign off on the email: After writing the body of the email, the final stage is to sign off the reply to the RSVP email. Like the address on your email, the sign off also conveys the regard you hold for the recipient.

Examples of formal salutations are, “Sincerely yours,” “Best regards,” “Best wishes,” etc.

Examples of informal salutations are, “Sincerely,” “Best,” “Regards”, etc.

When signing your name at the end after the ending salutation, you can sign your name only or the names of everyone that was invited. If your family was invited, you can sign, “The Addams Family.”

Additional Information for Replying RSVP Email

If you declined or accepted an invitation to an event, on some rare occasions you may want to alter your response. Regardless of your previous decision, you can email the recipient and let them know of your decision.

 If you’re changing your response to an invitation, your subject can be “Changing my RSVP”

Also, the same rule applies if you’re changing your response to an RSVP. The rule is to send this email as soon as you find out you’re changing your response.

Email Sample One for Accepting an RSVP

Subject line: Accepting your invitation

Dear Anna,

Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party. I will be attending your party and have marked the date calendar. 

I look forward to meeting you and hanging out with Jackson and the Kids. See you on the 18th!


Jane Doe. 

Email Sample Two for Accepting an RSVP

Subject line: Accepting your invitation for your Wedding

Dear Simon and Annie,

Thank you for inviting me to your wedding on the 19th of June. I will be attending. 

If there’s a dress code or anything I need to know beforehand, please let me know. 

Thank you again for your invitation. 

Kind Regards, 

John Doe.

Email Sample One for Rejecting an RSVP

Subject Line: Declining your invitation for your bat mitzvah

Dear Sandra,

Thank you for inviting me to your son’s bat mitzvah on the 18th of January. 

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to decline your invitation as I will be out of town that day. 

Thank you for inviting me and congratulations on your son’s bat mitzvah.

Kind Regards,

Jane Doe.

Email Sample Two for Declining an RSVP

Subject: Declining Invitation to your birthday party. 

Dear James, 

Thank you for your invitation to your birthday party on the 17th of May. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend as I will be out of town at a conference. 

I appreciate your invitation and I hope you have a wonderful party. 
Happy birthday in advance. 


Jane Doe

Email Sample One for Changing Your Reply RSVP

Subject: Changing my RSVP

Dear Jane, 

Due to some unplanned circumstances, Sophia and I will be unable to make it to your party on the 15th.  We apologize for the change in plans this close to the date. 

Have a wonderful party we hope to see you soon. 


John Doe.

Email Sample Two for changing your reply RSVP

Subject: Changing my RSVP

Hello Grace, 

I’m emailing you to change my RSVP for your event. I would love to attend if you can host more guests. 


John Doe.


Replying to an RSVP is important for all the reasons listed above. It gives the organizer ample time to prepare and make arrangements for the event. The important aspects of replying to an RSVP are highlighted in this email. There are samples in this article that provide ample examples of how to write a reply to an RSVP.

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