How to Write a Waiver Letter (Samples Included)

    A waiver letter is a letter that is written to let someone know you’re waiving your rights to something or to ask them to waive a right for you. Waiver letters are important letters and as such, should not be written without proper thought. In this article, we’re going to explain what a waiver letter is, how to write a waiver letter, and include some samples to help you write the perfect waiver letter. 

    What is a Waiver Letter?

    A waiver letter or a waiver agreement document is a document that confirms that a party in any involvement waives or has surrendered their rights. This document gives up rights or claims and frees the other party from any liability. There are two types of waiver letters. 

    1. To inform someone that you’re waiving your rights to something. This could be your right to sue, the right to a prize you don’t want, etc. 
    2. This is a letter written to ask someone to waive their rights for you. This could be the right to pay a fee, etc. 

    While the format of writing both letters is similar, they also have some distinct differences. 

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    Everything You Need to Know Before Writing a Waiver Letter

    Deciding to waive rights for whatever reason is a serious decision. So, before waiving your rights, ensure you’ve given it proper thought. 

    When writing waiver letters, ensure to:

    1. Write it professionally. A waiver letter is a professional letter, this means it should carry a professional undertone. Do not write it casually. If you have an official letterhead, you can use it. If not, ensure the letter starts with your address, date, recipient’s name, title, company, and a formal greeting.
    2. Be concise. This is a tricky guideline as most waiver letters have the tendency to be long. Making a waiver letter concise does not mean it has to be short. Your waiver letter should be as short as it can be, but should also be as long as you need to list out your points effectively and convey your message. 
    3. Explain your purpose succinctly. When writing this letter, it should begin with a clear explanation of what you’re writing about and what you hope to gain.

      An example of this is, “I’m writing this letter to waive my rights to sue for the defective product.”

    In your next paragraph, you can explain the thoughts or actions that made you come to this conclusion. 

    1. Bring your letter to a close. After clearly stating your points, your letter should come to a natural and short close. If you’re asking for something to be waived, your closing should be a final consideration in your regard. Such as, “I would be elated if the fee is waived for me.” When closing, also remember to include that if they have further questions or inquiries, they can reach out to you. 

    Listed above are some of the most important things you need to know about writing waiver letters. When writing one, it is most important that you explain your points and reasons carefully without going overboard. 

    Waiver Letter Samples

    In this section of this article, were going to give some samples of different waiver letters to serve as a guideline to help you write the perfect letter. 

    Waiver Letter Sample – School Fees Waiver Request

    Jim Blessed
    14 Woculus Avenue,
    Los Angeles, California, 11055
    To the Admissions Committee, 
    I am writing this letter to explain my current financial difficulties and to kindly request a fee waiver for your school’s fees. 
    My name is Jim Blessed and I finished my high school education at Delaware community high school. Since high school I have dreamed of attending your prestigious school and enroll in your engineering program. 
    It’s been a dream of mine to help change the world in any little way through engineering, and I know your university is my best bet at making this a reality. 
    My family is experiencing financial difficulties as my father is bedridden and my mother has to work to support him and my four younger siblings, making it impossible to see me through school. 
    I have worked menial jobs and hope to continue doing so to support myself at your university. 
    Attached to this letter are copies of my high school transcript for your perusal. 
    Thank you for your time and consideration, looking forward to a favorable response from you. 
    Jim Blessed. 

    Waiver Letter Sample – Waive Auto Loan Payment

    Jim Orobosa
    15 Woculus Avenue, 
    Houston, Texas, 11001
    18 June 2022
    To Whom It May Concern, 
    My name is Jim Orobosa and I have a loan payment plan currently ongoing in your company. 
    I’m writing this letter to formally request to have my $75 monthly auto loan payment frozen for the next four months from August to November. 
    I’m currently experiencing financial constraints as a result of my health. As a result, I will be unable to work to keep up with payments. 
    I have met my loan obligations religiously for the last 8 months and I have every intention of completing them. 
    As a verification, I have included my medical reports and the doctor’s note. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. 
    Thank you for your time. 
    Jim Blessed. 

    Waiver Letter Sample – Waive Interest

    Fred Wolf
    15 Woculus Crescent, 
    Dallas, Texas, 11001
    18 June 2022
    To The Director of Finance, 
    My name is Fred Wolf and I am writing this letter to kindly ask that you waive the interest on my loan. 
    As you can tell, I am struggling to make repayments on my loan and am now incurring a substantial amount of interest further increasing my inability to pay this loan. 
    I kindly ask that you consider freeing the interest for the next 8 months to enable me to make payments and reduce the balance to a manageable amount. 
    I am currently experiencing financial constraints as I am disabled and currently living off disability allowance until I can find a job. 
    Thank you for your consideration. 
    Fred Wolf. 

    Waiver Letter Sample – Waiver of Criminal Records

    John Foster
    15 Mash Avenue, 
    Brooklyn, New York, 11001
    18 June 2022
    Dear Immigration Officer, 
    I am writing this letter to respectfully request that you waive the penalty on my Visa as a result of my past criminal record and kindly reconsider my application. 
    I completely understand that Canada cannot accept anybody that will jeopardize the safety of her citizens. However, in this case, I believe this does not apply to me. 
    I am 65 years old the crime on my record is of theft which I committed when I was only 18. I take full responsibility for my actions, however, I am not the same person I was when I was 18. This was my first conviction and since I have not committed any other offense. 
    I am a hardworking grandfather and I only wish to visit Canada to spend more time with my children and grandchildren. 
    Kindly consider my request. 
    John Foster


    When writing a waiver request letter, it is important to ensure that you’re within your rights and that your requests are not unreasonable. Doing this helps to ensure that your request gets granted. We’ve included some samples to help you write the perfect waiver letter. 

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