Landing Your Dream Job: Tips for Writing Introduction Email

    You may be a recent graduate or someone with work experience but have found yourself in the pool of the unemployed. There is no need to worry; There are many ways by which you can land your desired job. One way is through networking. This is not just about the people you know, but also about people you are yet to know (that is, friends of your friends). To establish a connection with those you are yet to know, an introduction email (for job seekers) will be a good starting point.

    An introduction email is not only useful for job search. It can also connect you with people for career help and guidance. You may also use it to get a job search advice from people you have not met before.

    Tips for Writing Introduction Email for Job Seekers

    If you are looking to ask about a job opening, you can read the standard etiquette for job search via email. For tips and samples on writing job cover letters, read this post. For introduction emails for job seekers, you can read on.

    Use Appropriate Subject Line

    Your subject line should properly reflect what the email is about. It should be short and simple to understand. For instance, “Introduction Email – Samson Jason” or “Introduction Email/Samson Jason” or “Introduction – Samson Jason”.

    Start with an Opening Salutation

    This should be very brief. For Example: “Dear Mr. Baxter”, “Dear Miss Saunders” etc. Avoid any other form of greeting. The person you are writing to is likely to be busy, and you will not want to bore him or her with undue salutations.

    Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself appropriately. Mention your name, qualification, location, and relevant experiences. As part of your work experience, include important achievements you have made that are related to your career. Introducing yourself is the most important aspect of your email. Although you should remain concise, provide relevant information that will increase your chances of getting what you want.

    As much as you would like to impress the person, do not exaggerate your qualifications or achievements. Ensure you have evidence for all your assertions.

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    Mention Your Expectation

    After introducing yourself, briefly show what you hope would be the outcome of the introduction email. Indicate whether you hope to get a job opportunity, assistance with job search, or career guidance. This will help the person know exactly what to focus on.

    As much as possible, you should not request more than one favor from the person you are trying to connect with. You may request different things from different people. Therefore, you may have a group of people helping with job opportunities and another group for assistance in improving your personal job search skills.

    Be Formal

    Remember that your email is formal. It is important that your language remains formal. Avoid slang or colloquial words. Even when writing to someone close to you, still keep it formal. The person may forward your email to another connection that you do not know. Therefore, maintain a formal tone in your email.

    Be Brief

    This point cannot be overemphasized. A voluminous email is just a burden for a busy person. Keep your email short and neat. Avoid narratives and long explanations. You can have a short detailed email that has all relevant information.

    Check for Errors

    Ensure your email is error-free. Grammatical or typographical errors could put a stain on your clean introduction. These errors can make you look unqualified for what you hope to achieve with your email. You may request a colleague, friend or relative to peruse your email for errors before hitting the send button.

    Conclude Intentionally

    Conclude your email on a thankful and polite note. Ensure your full contact detail is provided. This will make it easy for the recipient to contact you.

    Attach Your Curriculum Vitae

    Do not forget to attach your curriculum vitae to the email. Also, indicate this point in the main body of your introduction email. Your curriculum vitae should be well prepared before attaching it to your email.

    Important Notes

    Please note that an introduction email for job seekers differ from a cover email and reference email. A cover email (or letter) is what you may call a job application letter detailing how your qualification(s) and/or experience meets the requirement of the job you are applying for. This is usually sent with your curriculum vitae attached. A reference email (or letter) is usually provided by a (former) lecturer, employer or a respected member of the society who can attest to your academic, professional and moral standing.

    Sample Email 1: Introduction Email for Job Seekers

    Dear Miss Saunders,

    My name is Samson Jason, I am a land surveyor. I am a graduate of the University of Hannover, Germany. Following my graduation five years ago, I started working with Hamble and Johnson Incorporated as the supervising land surveyor in East London. This is where I currently reside. During my work there, I received the award of the most versatile employee three years in a row.

    I am currently looking into working for the federal government. Most government agencies handling surveys fall short of the expected standards. I intend to make a definitive change by joining the government workforce. I hope to work in a supervisory role in order to train younger surveyors on the standard practices.

    I need help in getting information on job opportunities with the federal government. I would be most appreciative if you could contact me as soon as you are aware of any opening.

    I have attached my curriculum vitae for your perusal.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Best regards,

    Samson Jason


    55, Mayfare Avenue, Chuck Lakes, East London XFX770

    Mail Bag 665

    Sample Email 2: Introduction Email for Job Seekers

    Dear Mr Baxter,

    My name is Veronica Gomez. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Forestry from the Fontana University, Lisbon, Portugal. I am currently a lecturer at the Wild Life Academy in Lisbon. I have been with the academy for about three years.

    I am considering working in the jungles of Kenya to help in the wildlife conservation efforts of the environmentalists based in that country. However, I have difficulties deciding if this is a wise career decision for me. I am not familiar with African wildlife, but I am willing to learn about it.

    I need your professional advice regarding my options in my field. I also wish to know if I need any additional training to be able to work in the African environment.

    Please find attached my curriculum vitae for your consideration.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Veronica Gomez

    0800 676 1643 

    Dr. Kelechi Duru
    Dr. Kelechi Duru
    Dr. Kelechi Duru is a physician with a keen interest in healthcare administration and business management. And yes, he rather writes about business than the latest clinical trials. He enjoys building castles in the air with his wife (they currently live in one) and has a wild fascination for nature.

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