How to Write Project Proposal Email and Samples

A project proposal email is a document that is used to support the establishment of a professional relationship between an organization and outside contributors or participants. Typically, a project proposal email serves as the first framework for developing the idea of the project and contains information on what you want to achieve, a description of goals, and strategies for accomplishing those objectives.

As a rule, a project proposal will have a list of activities or tasks that will be linked with the project, as well as illustrations that highlight the value of this particular project concept and an explanation of how the project came to be.

A project proposal is also a marketing document that initiates a connection between an organization and the parties involved in a project from the outside. An organization may develop a formal, logical presentation to an outside worker or project funder by putting up a proposal for their consideration. Proposals are often written at one of the early stages of a project's development (before detailed plans are made and resources are allocated). As a result, time and budget predictions are sometimes approximate at best.

How to Write a Project Proposal Email

These step-by-step guidelines apply to most project proposals, regardless of the sort of project being proposed. It is necessary to adapt your proposal for the target audience. Still, this project proposal outline may be used as a guide to ensure that you include all of the necessary components in your document while creating your proposal.

Create an Executive Summary of Your Work

The executive summary acts as an introduction to the project proposal that you are submitting. This part, similar to a report abstract or an essay introduction, should describe what is to come and urge the stakeholder to continue reading the document. Your executive summary may be one paragraph or many paragraphs in length, depending on the intricacy of your project. The following should be included in your executive summary:

  • The issue that your initiative intends to address,
  • The solution to the point that your project solves is described in detail,
  • The significance of your project's influence.

Since you will be discussing these subjects in more depth later in your proposal, you should mention them briefly in your executive summary at this time.

Provide an Overview of the Project's History

This section will provide you with an overview of the project's history. Making your point using references and figures can help persuade your reader that the issue you're addressing is important. Some of the questions to include are as follows:

  • What is the case that your initiative seeks to solve?
  • What information is currently available regarding this problem?
  • Who has dealt with this issue in the past, and what study has been done on it?

You may also use this part to describe how the issue you aim to tackle is directly related to your organization's mission and objectives.

Provide a Remedy to the Problem

Given that you have already addressed an issue in the project background section while writing your project proposal,  the next natural step in proposal writing is to propose a possible solution. This part provides you with the option to give a more detailed explanation of your project strategy. It should include your project's timeline, including crucial milestones, roles, and duties of the project team.

Specify the Deliverables and Objectives of the Project

Writing your project proposal begins with defining your project deliverables, which is a critical stage in the process. Stakeholders are interested in knowing what you plan to provide after your project, whether it is a product, a program, a technological improvement, or anything else. This is that part of the project where the stakeholder will say, “Aha, this is what they'll use my resources for.” include the SMART objectives that are aligned with the deliverables you're generating. While it is critical to demonstrate the issue and solution for your project, it is frequently simpler for stakeholders to picture the project when the deliverables are well defined and documented.

Make a List of the Resources you will Need

Following your description of the issue, a method to solving it, and deliverables, you may get into the specifics of the resources you'll need to complete your project. You'll include the following items in this section:

  • Project budget: The project budget includes everything from the resources you'll need to make a product to the prices of advertisements and the pay of your crew. You should mention any budget items you will need to complete the project in this section.
  • Cost breakdown: This part should contain research on why you need certain resources for your project; this will allow stakeholders to understand what their buy-in is being utilized for, which will help them feel more comfortable with the project. This breakdown might also assist you in avoiding unforeseen expenditures.
  • Resource allocation strategy: You should give an overview of your resource allocation plan, which should outline how you intend to utilize the particular resources you have available. Suppose you have determined that you will need $50,000 to finish the project. Do you want to use this money to pay personnel, invest in technology, purchase supplies, and so on?

Hopefully, at this stage in the project proposal, you've persuaded the stakeholders to support your planned project, which is why deferring the allocation of necessary resources until the document's conclusion is a wise strategic decision.

Summarize your Arguments

Finally, conclude your project proposal with a strong and appealing conclusion. The conclusion, like the executive summary, should include a succinct description of the issue your project addresses as well as your solution for resolving that problem. If you want to underline the significance of your project towards the end of your paper, be sure to keep this part topical, just like you would in a formal essay.

Project Proposal Template

Here is a sample proposal letter template you may use as a general point of reference to ensure that you include all of the necessary information in your next proposal:

[Insert your name here]
[Include the name of the company if appropriate]
[Your mailing address]


[Insert the name of the recipient here]
[Name of the recipient's firm]
[The postal address of the intended recipient]


[Your name and the name of your firm should be in the first sentence. Make mention of any past meetings you've had on the subject, as well as any previous business history. In one or two sentences, explain what your project is all about.

[In the second paragraph, explain what your idea is intended to accomplish. To make it apparent, particular details should be included.

[In the third paragraph, specify the exact goals you aim to achieve as well as the specific targets you have established to achieve those goals.]

[In the fourth paragraph, offer an outline of what distinguishes your purpose from others. Provide particular instances of prior experiences and triumphs to back up your arguments in the following words. Make use of numerical indicators to measure your achievement wherever feasible.

To the investors, you should [in the fifth paragraph, quickly outline how you plan to disperse your loan or grant or provide a summary of a project's cost to them.]

[In the sixth paragraph, make a strong call to action, urging the recipient to take action on your idea. Mention when and how you intend to follow up with them.

[As the first sentence of your conclusion paragraph, show thanks and thank the recipient for taking the time to consider your idea. Incorporate your contact information and express your willingness to assist them should they have any issues.]

[Close] [Sign off]


Project Proposal Sample 1

Greetings, Mr. Chester,

Our team at Coders Delight had a great time talking about the possibility of collaborating with you on the development of a new website for your firm. Our team started working on this project last week due to our first communication, and we have sent an outline of a recommended action plan for your consideration.

On the 12th of January, we talked about your developing worries about the design of your website. Following the aim you mentioned during the meeting, our goal will be to expand your clientele by 10% and your leads by 30% within six months, according to your expectations. This aim will be achieved by implementing steps like market research, collaborating with your marketing, rebuilding the website from the ground up, designing a faultless mobile interface, etc.

Three months earlier, our business did a job of a similar kind for a hotel in New York City. We boosted revenue by 30 percent over six months because our design kept customers on their website 150 percent longer than they otherwise would have.

According to our estimates, the budget for a project of this grade will range between $12,000 and $18,000. If you decide to continue, we may go through the plan further and adjust the budget depending on your requirements and our suggestions.

If you would want to proceed with our proposal, please shoot me an email so that we may begin discussing and preparing the next steps as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through our proposal. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through email at [email protected] or by phone at  48-663-646.

Gabriel Johnson,
Public Relations Officer,
Coders Delight.

Project Proposal Sample 2

Greetings, Mr. Wellington.

My name is Timon Jasper, the Public Relations Officer of Arcade Marketing, and having worked in the industry for many decades, I am well aware of the problems you may have daily. For marketing directors, the constant difficulty of determining how to discover the ideal solution to meet their goals in public relations is quite likely to be something they encounter daily. I have some facts that I believe you will find interesting.

Arcade Marketing. has been offering public relations services to businesses just like yours for more than 18 years, making it a major PR agency in the industry. We fully understand the requirements of marketing organizations in our area and know how to deliver the most appropriate services for your needs.

Please allow us to offer you one of three customized alternatives that we would be delighted to supply:

To illustrate how we can reduce your public relations worries, I would be delighted to meet with you.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Timon Jasper,
Public Relations, Arcade Marketing.


Make certain that your project proposal is tailored to your target audience and that the challenges it will tackle are clearly defined. Following the tips and tricks will help you write that compelling project proposal.

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