Tips And Tricks For Successfully Reaching Customers

Reaching Customers

Businesses survive on revenue from sales of products or services.  No sales will occur unless you can successfully reach potential and existing customers or fulfill a need no one else can.  The chances you are the only provider of your product or service are very slim, so developing the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively reach customers is in the best interest of your business.

Olga, Head of Customer Service Advocates and Social Media at Provide Support reports that 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising.  Customers have moved from listening to what businesses say about their products and services to what other people say about the business’s products and services and how they ‘feel’ about the organization.  Therefore, organizations must apply creativity and find new ways to engage their target markets  and reach potential customers.

Here are some tips and tricks from marketing experts to help you engage your audience and successfully reach customers:

Create Compelling Content

From writing a blog or newsletter to posting interesting information that your target audience may find interesting – content marketing is an effective way to increase your reach and engage customers.  Content marketing gives businesses an opportunity to reach customers without seeming focused on sales.  If you have interesting content that people find valuable, such people will subscribe to your mailing list, follow or like your page – giving you full access to them and effectively allowing you to reach them with your brand message.

John Rampton of Forbes Tech takes this point further by asking businesses to create emotional connections.  Humanize your business by putting a face to your communications with customers, sending welcome emails introducing yourself to new customers/subscribers  and providing author bios on your blog contents/newsletters.  Share your unique perspective on issues, show the process that goes into the production of your product or delivery of your service to keep your audience engaged.  People like to do business and buy from people they like, so make your business likable by putting some warmth in your content and communication.

Leverage Testimonials

Word of mouth has been proven as one of the most effective means of marketing so take advantage of what customers have to say about your business to attract more customers.  Reach out to existing customers and ask for testimonials and feedback.  Share some of your best testimonials on your social media and company platforms to reach more potential customers.

While collecting testimonials and feedback, also reflect on what your customers are saying to you and apply the feedback they provide.  Terry Irwin, CEO TCii, encourages business owners to “let your customers teach you about your business”.  The users of a product or service often have a unique perspective on the attributes of the product, its shortcomings and its unique selling point compared to other products or services.  Reflecting on feedback from customers helps businesses implement continuous improvement to products and services.  Share the changes you make based on feedback with your audience for greater engagement.

Encourage and Reward Referrals

A referral program is an advanced word of mouth system that helps you reach potential customers through existing customers.  Organizations have engaged and reached customers successfully for years by offering discounts for referrals and implementing loyalty programs to encourage customers to stay longer with the organization.

Whether you offer incentives for referrals or not, build the “ask” for referral into your processes by including a section on your forms or website that allows users of your product or service to recommend someone they believe may benefit from your product or service.   Incorporate social share links on your website and platforms to reach a wider audience.

Showcase Your Products

Humans are social animals.  Seeing other people using your product or enjoying your service will stimulate interest in potential customers.  Whenever I see a nice picture of a friend of mine in a nice restaurant or I see a picture of good looking food – I head over to the page of the restaurant to check them out!  Take advantage of this human tendency to reach more customers by organizing product demos and sharing pictures, videos and posts about the use of your products or service.

Develop engaging content that showcases the quality standards implemented in the manufacturing of your products, best practices in your industry and other policies or procedures that highlight the excellence of your organization, product or service.  Without being sales pitches, such content highlights the value of your product or service and attracts viable customers to your business.

Hold Contests

Everyone loves free things and the thrill of competition! A contest or giveaway is an excellent way to reach more potential customers.  A simple contest on Instagram asking people to complete some tasks to stand a chance to win something will boost your engagement immensely.  Contests serve the dual purpose of creating engagement and helping you generate leads or find potential customers.   By asking participants to share content or tag a friend that may be interested in your product – you can build a list of people to target from the tags on your post.

Offer something of value as the prize of the contest and deliver on  the promised prize to build trust and ensure future engagement and reach through similar contests.

Take Advantage of Technology

Stay current on new advances in technology and leverage technology to reach more customers.  There are various tools and applications that can help you simplify the entire process of reaching customers.  Paid and free applications exist that can help you create content, schedule posts and engage with potential customers on various platforms.  These applications are updated and modified constantly, so you need to be deliberate in ensuring that you stay on trend


By moving your focus from merely sales and marketing of your products or services to offering value and showing the human aspects of your business – you will be able to successfully reach more customers.  Ensure you have a proper understanding of who your customers are and the sort of content that would be useful and interesting to them. Use various techniques and media to reach out to customers, then monitor and evaluate each engagement to determine what works best for your organization and target market.

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