How to Write a Thank You E-Mail to Your Boss with 5 Samples

    In this post, you will be equipped with the necessary dos and don'ts when writing a thank you email to your boss alongside few samples to give you a head start as to what is required.

    Writing a thank you email to your boss may be demoralizing as you think your skills and ability to work well will be judged via your business communication skills. Moreover, the simple fact that you are writing your boss would usually send a ‘be careful’ signal, but you don’t have to be frightened or take extra precaution, rather, you should write simple words and sentences with a touch of professionalism.

    In W.C Field’s words, attitude is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. This simply means that, sometimes, your attitude at the place of work can keep you there longer than your skill will. An appreciative attitude can make your boss retain you when a decision to lay-off is being taken, that way, your attitude will have paid-off while you are unaware. For these reasons and more, you should be equipped with the tips, tricks, and techniques required to win your boss’ heart, and one way to do that is to communicate with him flawlessly.

    In this post, you will be equipped with the necessary dos and don'ts when writing a thank you email to your boss alongside a few samples to give you a head start as to what is required.

    Firstly, when writing a thank you email to your boss, your goal should be reflected in the first paragraph. You want to ensure that the right words are used so that the receiver is already elated to continue reading, especially because it’s one which projects your appreciation of his or her help with whatever it is he is being thanked for. When your boss or supervisor has done something for you that you either expected or did not expect, you should send a thank you email to your boss. Even when it seems like it was his duty, showing your appreciation in writing, alongside an oral message is going an extra mile any boss will not reject; infact he will be more endeared towards you.

    Secondly, when writing a thank you email to your boss, keep your message short and straightforward, hit the nail on the head by expressing your gratitude about his role and the company at large. Thereafter, if necessary, summarily comment on your future working relationship.

    Lastly, always remember that writing a thank you email to your boss doesn’t have to be when you feel he deserves it, but when he does something worthwhile. Irrespective of your grievances or reservations, you must take on this attitude at work to set yourself apart from other employees. A wise employee knows that pleasing his boss is one of the best characters to possess and exhibit. In a nutshell, a thank you email to your boss, manager or supervisor can positively impact your working relationship in ways you cannot imagine.

    Here are some sample letter format/emails for instances when you can choose to write a thank you email to your boss.

    1. When your boss goes out of his way to support you
    2. When you are promoted and he doesn’t inhibit the process
    3. When you are given a training opportunity
    4. When you are allowed to take up a speaking opportunity
    5. When you are recognized for your contribution on any basis

    Thank You Email Your Boss Appreciating Them for Their Support

    Dear (Boss’ Name)
    I am grateful for all your support from the time I started working in this company until this present moment. You have been extraordinarily supportive and helpful, that it gives me great joy to be part of your team.
    Whilst I took on my first project, you did not hesitate to give me all that I needed, including encouraging me when I felt the need to cave in. Rather than treat me harshly as I feared you would, you helped me understand that the phase was temporary and I was soon going to get a hang of it. Were it not for your gentle but firm proposition towards me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
    Working with you has been an enjoyable experience, to say the least; I have learned and grown so much. As opposed to fearing daily work routine, I always look forward to coming to work because I know I have a boss who has my back always. Indeed, you are the best boss anyone can wish for.
    Thank you for your confidence in me. I am very grateful.
    I look forward to working with you for longer.
    (Your Name)

    Thank You Email to Your Boss Appreciating Them for A Promotion

    Dear (Boss’ Name)
    I am beyond overwhelmed for the promotion given to me by the company, but what is more exciting is the fact that you recommended me for the promotion and allowed me to move up the ladder of success. In all honesty, I cannot say I merit it by my works alone because you have helped me get to where I am today and moreso, you believed in me that I was suitable for the new position.
    Words fail me to know how much to thank you for your patience throughout the previous years, and for granting me every support in preparation for this new role. I rest in the knowledge that I will continue to have your mentorship, guidance, and support as I embark on the new projects assigned to me in this position.
    Thank you once again. I will ensure that I work to the best of my abilities so that your faith in me is preserved.
    ( Your Name)

    Thank You Email to Your Boss Appreciating Them for the Speaking Opportunity

    Dear (Boss’ Name)
    I am so elated that you entrusted me with such great project to speak at I.D Conference Center to project our new products in a bid to propel our company to prospective clients. As you are aware, I have looked forward to taking on speaking opportunities but never got one until now. Hence, I am extremely thrilled to learn that you are giving me the platform to showcase my skills even though it’s my first time.
    I am deeply honoured and will do all I can to fulfil and surpass your expectations for choosing me for this great task. I will give it my 100 percent dedication so that you will not be disappointed.
    Thank you for putting your trust in me, I am grateful.
    (Your Name)

    When Writing a Thank You Email to Your Boss Appreciating Them for Training Opportunity

    Dear (Boss’ Name)
    This is to say a big thank you for according me the opportunity to attend the just concluded ‘Report Training’. It goes without saying that the level of reports produced in my department have had some shortcomings which propelled your decision to enable me attend the training. 
    At the training, we were taught how to succinctly present our reports in a way that it communicates the overall goal of the task. Apart from this, we also learned that it is not the quantity of words in a report that matters but the quality of what it contains a habit my department was oblivious of. Whats more, all sessions were informative and inspirational.
    To this end, I cannot thank you enough for the timely opportunity this training gave me to learn all I needed to. Thank you for approving my request to attend the training as I look forward to applying all that was taught on a daily basis and to also get others familiar with the new system of reporting.
    I remain grateful.
    (Your Name)

    Appreciation for Recognition

    Dear (Boss’ Name)
    For recognizing my unrelenting hard work, diligence, skill, and dedication to work, I am very grateful. Thank you so much for casting your much-desired vote for me as the employee of the month a third time. I have worked very hard to maintain this position and I am thankful that my efforts were recognized and rewarded.
    With your ever-encouraging remarks that keep me going, your forthright candor and your unrelenting optimism of me, I am truly thankful. I will continue to work hard so as to retain your confidence in me.
    Thank you once again.
    (Your Name)

    Few Extra Tips to Take Note of When Writing a Thank You Email to Your Boss

    • If you are sending a thank you email to your boss, you can make the subject line a simple ‘thank you’.
    • For a letter, include your boss’ address at the top left corner (if necessary).
    • Use the salutation appropriate to the working relationship you have with your boss. Many bosses prefer addressing them by their first name, but if your boss isn’t pleased with that, then you can simply write ‘Dear Sir’.
    • Avoid the use of jokes or sarcasm in your letter. Remember, he only has a few minutes to spare for your letter before he continues his work.
    • Don’t include other topics you wish to discuss in your thank you letter, rather, let it remain a focused appreciative one.
    • Give your letter a thorough proofread before sending it. Make it free of spelling or grammatical errors.
    • Don’t write with the ‘we are familiar mindset’, your letter must possess all shades of professionalism, as having strong communication skills is a plus to your career success.

    Hope you found this helpful. If you have some more tips for writing a thank you an email to your boss, please share them in the comment section below.

    Wish you the very best.

    If you're a boss and you want to write a thank you to your employees.

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