18 High-Paying Remote IT Support Jobs and Their Salaries

remote it support jobs

As more people work remotely, the opportunities to secure a remote IT support job are also increasing. The reason is simple. Many employees need computers and systems and certain networks to perform their tasks. These networks, systems, and hardware are maintained by IT staff. The IT employees remotely provide the necessary technical assistance and support. There are several routes into the IT field and by knowing the peculiarity of the most demanded IT support jobs, you can prepare yourself to select a chosen career in this field. 

Why remote IT support Jobs?

The opportunity to work remotely is not only increasing but is skyrocketing in the tech field. If there is an opening for 10 jobs, 5 of those are remote.  IT support companies are among the highest employers of remote workers. If you want to build a stable and sustainable career without taking the daily drive to the office or working in-person with others, the safest option is to hunt for a well-paying remote IT job. 

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Remote IT Support Jobs and Their Salaries

The opportunities in tech are so broad that you are bound to find a job that fits your area of interest and criteria. Gone are those days when remote work only meant telemarketing and data entry. Now, you can get high-paying jobs that can be done in your personalized workstation anywhere in the world and a flexible manner.

Systems Administrator

System administrators create and develop systems. They select the best systems for an organization, seeing that they are acquired, installed, maintained, and upgraded effectively and efficiently. This job can be done fully remotely due to remote technologies. Sysadmins identify and troubleshoot system errors and also provide technical support to other employees. The job pays too and provides growth opportunities.

National average salary (USA): $74,612 /year

National average salary (India): ₹3.5 LPA

Data analyst 

A data analyst collects, cleans, and transforms data to help businesses solve problems. Data analysts gather existing data from businesses, study it and model it into easily digestible reports. Their responsibilities include identifying patterns in complex data and discovering efficiency changes by applying statistical methods to make findings. While data analysts may not need to know how to code, it is helpful to understand some 

programming languages like R and Python. They also need to have data management skills, data visualization skills, and business domain knowledge.

National average salary (USA): $74,745 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 4.0 LPA

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Data engineer

A data engineer creates data infrastructures for applications and information systems. Data engineers provide the information framework for acquiring, verifying, mining, modeling, and migrating data. They understand and optimize script languages and also build the framework for system architectures. Data engineers deploy the tools and recommend improvement methods for analytics systems

National average salary (USA): $96,932 per year

National average salary (India): ₹ 7.7 LPA

Software engineer

A software engineer is a developer that concentrated on computer software and systems. The software engineer is central to the creation of network control systems and apps that ensure smooth business operations. They are basically responsible for creating technologies and operating systems for businesses. They also maintain and update the systems based on client feedback. Since they work with a team, their job often includes making models to present ideas about software development to designated personnel.

National average salary (USA): $114,375 per year

National average salary (India): ₹ 5.3 LPA

Information security analyst

Data is pivotal to the operations of most businesses and organizations. Therefore, a major concern is how to keep their data safe from attacks and compromises. This is where an information security analyst comes in. Their job is to ensure that an organization’s data is protected from external attacks, internal compromises, viruses, and other cyber threats. They regularly update systems and apps to keep up with firewall protection and identify risks that can threaten a company’s information security. Their responsibilities also include educating employees on security guidelines.

National average salary (USA): $101,764 per year

National average salary (India): ₹ 5.3 LPA

Cybersecurity engineer

Cybersecurity engineers assess an organization’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks and put in place security and protective measures to guard against such attacks and protect their data. They train employees and IT departments of organizations on how to recognize potential threats and how to respond to them. Cybersecurity engineers obtain degrees and certifications in relevant fields like computer science. They often need about 3 to 5 years of professional experience working in the security industry where they are expected to have developed and honed their risk assessment and incident response skills.

National average salary (USA): $92,327 per year

National average salary (India): ₹ 6.0 LPA

UI/UX Designer

The job of a UI/UX designer is to ensure you are satisfied with a brand’s interface so much that you stick with it. If you have ever been frustrated trying to use a website to do what it promised to do, it is the role of the UI/UX designer that is missing. Their job is to ensure they provide visitors and customers with a pleasant ex[perience by ensuring a logical flow of one aspect of the site or interface to another.

They also ensure the visual elements, navigation and loading time are satisfactory to the user. To do this job well, the UI/UX designer needs to research the user, know their expectations and work hard to meet them especially when it is exactly what the brand promises. A degree or certificate in web design or graphic design with proven experience often suffices for this job role. 

National average salary (USA): $92,482 a year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 4.8 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: QA Manager

QA managers ensure that a company’s product meets quality standards. They work with the companies on their quality assurance program creation and implementation. To become a QA manager, you should have experience in project management, quality assurance, or related fields. In IT support field, QA managers ensure applications run smoothly. They also help with developing software tools and processes as well as finding and fixing bugs. QA managers are attentive to detail and aim to keep the end user satisfied. They work on software and system tests. 

National average salary (USA): $78,821

National average salary (India): ₹ 14.5 LPA

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Remote IT Support Job: Back-end developer

Backend developers ensure that the server-side of web applications is developed. They focus on data storage and security, scripting, writing, and managing codes. Their goal is to build user-friendly websites with server-side logic. They work closely with front-end developers to help businesses and organizations build a website that will meet the needs of their clients and prospects. Their job function includes writing and storing codes for future use, ensuring that websites and applications are optimized, and performing other back-end functions.

National average salary (USA): $158,229 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 4.8 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: Front-end developer

Front-end developers oversee the aspects of the website that users see and interact with. They ensure that websites and apps are user-friendly and create these websites and apps through web programming languages like Java, CSS, and HTML. front-end developers work closely with back-end developers to deliver a wholesome user experience. A front-end developer also ensures that the site is mobile-friendly and monitors its performance and traffic to diagnose the reasons for any sharp changes.

National average salary (USA): $178,775 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 4.0 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: Information technology manager

This remote IT support job is great for people who love to plan, make decisions, organize, manage finance, and communicate. IT managers oversee tasks that have to do with computers. They also identify computer-related problems and solutions. They maintain all information technology systems of their company or an organization. They are responsible for the security protocol established for their workplace and put an IT policy in place for all employees.

Their responsibilities include researching and improving IT operations within an organization. They supervise IT implementation projects and train IT employees on system operations. IT managers first spend years in the broad IT field before becoming managers. They often have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field and high technological proficiency.

National average salary (USA): $93,923 per year

National average salary (India): ₹ 9.0 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: Web developer

As a web developer, your job is to build and maintain websites and apps. ’ll build websites and web applications. You need to code in HTML, Javascript, CSS and any other popular programming language to function effectively as a web developer. Web developers often work collaboratively with graphic designers and content writers to achieve their clients’ or organizations’ goals. Their job also includes creating and storing codes for a website’s front-end and back-end and fixing errors. They may work long-term or short-term in the web development process. 

National average salary (USA): $82,082 per year. 

National average salary (India): ₹ 2.8 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: Application developer

An application developer is a software developer that specializes in creating software applications for mobile devices. They design, create, launch and update programs for electronic devices. Their responsibilities include testing the programs on Apple, Android, and Windows devices to ensure they work properly across the board. They use several programming languages to manage the programs and fix issues that may arise after deployment. App developers need to be able to solve complex problems and should be able to think outside the box. 

National average salary (USA): $85,928 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 6.0 LPA

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Remote IT Support Job: Data scientist

A data scientist collects, analyzes, and interprets data for decision-making purposes. They make analyses based on user data using standard statistical methods and tools. Although data science is an interdisciplinary field, a background in mathematics, statistic, and computing is usually required for entry-level roles. Some companies will only accept candidates with a master’s or doctorate degree in a related field. The data scientist’s job is to evaluate raw data and present it to stakeholders in an understandable format. Data scientists help business decision-makers to understand and solve complex problems. Businesses and organizations can improve their offering because of their contributions. 

National average salary (USA): $127,672 per year. 

National average salary (India): ₹ 10.0 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: Digital marketer

A digital marketer improves brand awareness and generates leads using digital platforms. The demand for this remote IT support job is increasing as more businesses move online and primarily operate virtually. Your job as a digital marketing specialist includes helping brands connect with their customers and prospects through social media, email campaigns, influencer campaigns, web-based advertising, SEO, mobile campaigns, etc. there are different areas of specialization in digital marketing and various networks to keep you ahead in this career path.

National average salary (USA): $62,159 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 3.0 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: Technical writer

Technical writers specialize in communicating professional information. People with the ability to explain complex concepts simply who also happen to be good at writing can be great technical writers. Also called technical communicators, the responsibilities for this remote IT support job includes writing instruction manuals, standard operating procedure guides, emails, how-to guides, and other technical documentation. Technical writers must be adept at research and be able to verify any information they communicate. In addition to the general writing skills like editing and proofreading, the job sometimes involves illustrating. Tecnical writers also use collaboration tools and must be interested in the tech space.

National average salary (USA): $72,414 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 5.5 LPA

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Remote IT Support Job: Cloud engineer

A cloud engineer applies engineering knowledge to cloud computing. Cloud engineers design, create, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure for businesses. This remote IT support job examines the safety and security of cloud-based solutions. They ensure that data stored in the cloud remains safe and secure. They also migrate the technical functions of a business to the cloud where transitioning is just being done. As such, they need to have a basic understanding of programming languages.

National average salary (USA): $126,786 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 5.2 LPA

Remote IT Support Job: Cloud Architect

A cloud architect oversees the entire cloud computing infrastructure of an organization or a business. Cloud architects propose, design and activate cloud computing solutions. A cloud architect often needs to understand programming languages like C#, Java, and Python, data storage fundamentals, and networking among other skills. Their job includes providing guidelines for best practices regarding cloud services. A cloud architect is likely to have a background in cybersecurity or cloud computing.

National average salary (USA): $155,502 per year.

National average salary (India): ₹ 21.0 LPA


The prospects for a career path in the remote IT support job field get better by the day. With so many opportunities to earn high from the comfort of your home, the best time to start building a career in IT is now. There are so many other opportunities available in the remote IT industry that you are sure to find a role that will fulfill your passion and fill your pockets.

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