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  1. Good stuff! I’m using GetResponse and I’m glad that you showed us examples of professional emails.

  2. Dear Mr Shishuranjan,

    As discussed telephonically, please clarify that you will provide 4 water resistant security posts and one water resistant tent for a monthly rental not exceeding Rs 6000/- per month, for the project period.
    Please also you will be in position to initially deploy 1 supervisor and 4 security guards w.e.f. 8th Aug 2016, and increase the strength at a short notice subsequently.

    The letter of intent shall be issued based on your reply.


    Capt Ashok Bajpai (Retd.)

  3. This is very helpful.

    With the tips and the samples given, It will be a great help especially to most of us beginners.

  4. Greetings from xyz company!!
    I am a Recruiter in xyz currently hiring for resources.
    Viewing your profile in the job board I felt you would be interested to apply for a career with us for the below opportunities.
    1. Senior analyst
    2. Team Manager

    How could we reply this mail


    Dear Sir.

    thank you further more information I’m really appreciated your effort and can help also to improve my English poor grammar.

  6. ismail ahmed mohamoud

    please I need help for how to write the professional email response
    for the daily activities

    1. Hi Timika,

      Thank you for your question.

      BCC means Blind Carbon Copy and is used to copy other people in your email without exposing their emails to the people in the email thread; while CC means Carbon Copy and is used to copy other people in an email and ensuring that everyone in the email thread knows the people that are copied.

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