How to Reply an Email to Confirm Appointment

As a professional, entrepreneur, freelancer or manager, you probably receive emails requesting that you confirm your interest or availability for a meeting, event or activity regularly. This is done to avoid the frustration of fixing an appointment with you and then meeting with a shocking disappointing experience.

What’s the big WHY for this?

Is it possible that your host thinks you may not remember having an appointment; he/she thinks you may not take the appointment seriously; or he/she is not sure of your availability? There could be many reasons for this. Whatever the case is, if you want to avoid disappointments, you need to confirm appointments by email either as the recipient or sender.

How to Confirm Appointments by Email

Email is one of the best ways to confirm appointments. It does not intrude into your time or the receiver’s time like phone calls. If the receiver is a savvy Internet user, he or she can even set up your email as part of his or her email to do list in order to remember.

Here are ten tips to confirm appointments by emails:

1 – Come out Clear

Come out clear to confirm your appointment in the best way you can. Clarity is a great way to assure your email recipient that you will meet with him or her at a particular time. Clarity also makes your appointment confirmation effective.

Example I: Confirmation of Appointments by Email

RE: confirmation of appointment with FRANK WALES

Dear Mrs. Allen,

I will like to confirm your appointment with Frank Wales tomorrow, August 25th at 1 pm. Please contact me for any question and keep me informed if there should be any changes.


Linda Brown,

Secretary, Lester Wester Limited

2 – Be Brief and Specific

Be brief when confirming an appointment via email. Say it short and simple. Specifically, state the time and date of appointment.

Example II: Confirmation of Appointments by Email

RE: Shawn Williams – Appointment Confirmation

Dear  Clinton,

This is a special reminder to confirm your meeting with Shawn Williams tomorrow June 18th by 10 am.

Your meeting is scheduled to hold at Lintel Scraps, Office 12 on the ground floor at Lanceman Street, Mainland China. The place is accessible by cabs.

This is Shawn’s cell phone number, just in case, +98157479837.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question. I would be ready to give necessary assistance.

 Thank you and have a great meeting.

Best Regards,

Alice Maxwell

Administrative Assistant to Shawn Williams, Lintel Scraps Limited


3 – Make It a Reminder Mission

Just like in the sample above, it is obvious that the confirmation of appointment is basically a mission to remind Clinton of his meeting with Shawn Williams.  It is clearly written with specific time, date and venue. A good way to confirm appointment by email is to make it a reminder.

4 – Be Detailed

One good way to confirm an appointment is by giving detailed information. Clinton has all the information it takes to get to Shawn Williams on time. He can contact Shawn Williams or the administrative assistant on the phone if there is a problem in locating the meeting’s venue.

See email examples for accepting and declining invitations here.

Ensure you do not give your appointee a reason to miss the appointment. It will be annoying to be informed after missing the appointment that it was because of inability to locate the venue.

5 – Don’t Make It Too Long

Making your email too long will make your recipient lose interest and consequently lose the message. Keep your recipient’s interest by keeping it short and interesting.

Example III: Confirmation of Appointments by Email

Dear Ms. Roberts,

I am glad you will be available for the meeting with our team by 9 am tomorrow January 21st at our Zonal Office.

You can contact me on this cell phone number if you have any question or change of plans.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.


Evelyn Coker

Productions Director, Micara Productions

6 – Get to The Point

There is no need to waste any opportunity to make it clear to your recipient that you want to confirm an appointment. Hit the point immediately in order not to get your reader scrolling down unnecessarily.

See emails examples for invitations here.

7 – Follow a Professional Format

A Professional email must have the date, greeting, Reference, the body, and the conclusion. Don’t give a junk to your clients in the name of confirming an appointment. Here is a good example of a professional email.

Example IV: Confirmation of Appointments by Email

Date: 23rd September, 2012.

RE: Confirmation of an Appointment

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I am writing to confirm an appointment with you on 24th of September, 2015 at Learned Hall, winter road. I genuinely appreciate a quick response from your side.

Best wishes,

Andrew Paul

Managing Director, Adrepal Photos

8 – Use a Formal Language

Avoid the use of slangs. Use a formal language that is void of grammatical errors which can wane your recipient’s interest.

9 – Use Reference

In the above example, the use of RE stands for reference, this serves as the subject of the email.


Be careful about setting up appointments. Always ensure you have carefully considered your availability as well as the suitability of the time before setting up a meeting. This will help ensure you show professionalism all the time.

Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun
Dr. Ayoade Oyedotunhttps://woculus.com/
Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun is the co-founder of Afrimash - An Online Shopping Site for Agricultural Items. His daily work encompasses customer service, sales and marketing, human capital management, and business operations management. He is passionate about working smarter using the Internet technology.


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