How to Respond to a Partnership Request Email

    Receiving a partnership request is proof that you are doing something correctly as a business and you have a quality desired by other organizations/individuals.  Responding to partnership requests emails may seem very straightforward but we would like to share some tips with you to ensure you put your best foot forward and maintain the perception of competent professional.

    Tips for Responding to Partnership Request Emails

    Formal communication received by email should always be treated with the utmost seriousness; however, an extra degree of thoroughness must be applied when dealing with issues of a legal nature such as partnership requests, contracts, and agreements.   Quickly typing up a response to an email after reading the content may be appropriate for day-to-day issues and office administration but when reacting to legal contracts such as a partnership, take some time to do your research, understand the terms being offered, and confirm the background of the sender.

    Before Responding to Partnership Requests

    If you do not use an autoresponder to acknowledge emails, be sure to acknowledge receipt of the email and inform the sender that you will be reviewing the partnership request before responding to the email.

    Sample Acknowledgment Email for Responding to a Partnership Request Email

    Here is a sample acknowledgment email for responding to a partnership request email:

    Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss *Sender’s Name*,

    I wish to acknowledge receipt of your email of January 4, 2018, requesting to partner with *Company name* to execute *name or description of the proposed venture*.

    My team and I are currently reviewing your proposal and conducting further research into the business area.  We will get back to you before the end of this week.

    Thank you for your interest in *Name of company*


    *Senders name *

    Senders role/position

    Pre-response Considerations in Responding to Partnership Request EmailsPartnership request emails considerations

    Is this Partnership Right for You?

    Business strategists maintain that an understanding of the core of a business and maintaining consistency with the business focus are essential to business success, therefore it is essential to reflect on the partnership offer to determine if the partnership fits your focus and interests as a business.

    That an offer is interesting or will be very profitable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best decision for your business.  A long-term consideration of how participating in such a venture will affect your brand is essential.  For instance, a startup company that produces healthy food may decide to partner with an organization that promotes natural food for infants to produce a line of unique infant foods.  This partnership goes very well but the company cannot seem to get any of its other products to sell as well as the line of infant food because consumers have come to associate the brand with infant food.  While strategic rebranding can salvage this brand, some decisions made without a long-term orientation can be far more irreversible.

    Is the Sender Credible?

    The ease and convenience of Email unfortunately also lends itself well to fraud.  Therefore it is essential to confirm the identity of the sender, the authenticity of the offer or request and the capacity of the sender to deliver on their part of the partnership.

    Physical meetings, office visits, and background checks are also necessary to ensure the credibility of the organization you wish to go into partnership with, before making a commitment or rejecting the partnership offer.  Several meetings may be required in-between exchange of documents by email to ensure clear understanding and synergy between partners.

    Consult Your Legal Professional

    Speak to a lawyer or someone very conversant with the local laws before agreeing to any partnership terms or signing a contract.  It is important to have a clear understanding of all the proposed terms, conditions and requirements before committing to any partnership.  Once you have a good understanding and you are comfortable with the partnership offer, you can go ahead and respond to the partnership offer.

    Take your time to conduct due diligence on any partnership offer you receive and the sending organization before responding to protect your business interests.

    How to Respond to a Partnership Request Email

    Remember the fundamental principles of writing effective emails and communicating clearly at all times no matter the type of email you are writing.  You can check out our other articles on email writing to build your email writing skills.

    Partnership Agreements and offers are usually attached to emails introducing the sending organization and presenting the highlights of the partnership offer.   An email to respond to partnership request should likewise have the actual partnership agreement as an attachment.

    Thanking the Sender of the Partnership Request

    The opening paragraph of your email should always orient the receiver of your email to your purpose for writing; this is no different when responding to a partnership request email.   The need to introduce your organization is eliminated because the sender of a partnership request is presumed to have an understanding of your business.   An introduction of your business will only be necessary if responding to a partnership request that is inconsistent with your business or a request that clearly shows a lack of understanding on behalf of the sender.

    Reporting Your Position on the Partnership Offer

    With the introduction out of the way, go straight ahead to inform the organization of your decision, concerns or questions on the partnership request.   A decision to accept the partnership request or one to reject the request must be delivered with information on the basis of the decision.   Beyond the fact that a plain affirmative or negative response without details may seem insensitive to the effort put in by the requesting organization, a well thought out explanation of your decision ensures continued goodwill between both organizations.

    Laying Out Next Steps for the Partnership

    If your response to the partnership request is negative, after providing details in the paragraph above you may skip to the salutation and conclude your email.  With a positive response to the partnership request, you can go ahead to propose next steps to solidify the partnership by requesting a meeting or site visit.

    If you have any changes or terms you would like to add or subtract from the partnership agreement, be sure to state them explicitly.  Assuming that terms you may have added to the agreement before responding to the email will be noticed and raised for discussion by the offering organization is a sure way for conflict to arise.

    Summary Conclusion

    Before your email salutation, conclude your email by summarizing the key points and restating your appreciation of the partnership offer and your hopes for the future of the partnership.   Conclude with a call to action if you have made any requests or raised questions in your email.


    An understanding of the principles for writing effective emails already sets you up to know how to respond to partnership request emails.  Evaluate the fit of the partnership offer to your long-term business objectives, conduct your due diligence then apply the best practices for responding to partnership requests by email outlined in this article to protect your interests and maintain your professional business reputation.

    Chinazom Elizabeth Izuora
    Chinazom Elizabeth Izuora
    Chinazom has a Bachelors in Business Administration with a major in marketing management and over 4 years of practical experience working as a business consultant providing business development and operational support to organizations.

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