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    When searching for a job, your demeanor and manner in which you communicate with recruiters and hiring managers are just as crucial as your talents and credentials. Before you've even had a chance to meet with a firm, they've formed an opinion about you as a possible candidate.

    The method you manage verbal and written communication will undoubtedly be an essential aspect of your employment. As a result, basic etiquette while replying to and engaging with a firm is necessary, even at the earliest phases of the recruiting selection process.

    The sensation of receiving a favorable answer to your job application after investing a significant amount of time and money in the search and application process might be one of the most thrilling experiences you've ever had in your life. 

    This article will help you complete the first milestone of your job search since it will help you prepare a worthy interview availability email. The way you write your interview availability email will determine how your prospective employers see you.

    How To Write An Interview Availability Email

    It's important to remember to check your email regularly and respond with an interview availability email as soon as possible. This is especially necessary if you know that you have applied for a number of jobs. Always remember to respond to any queries that recruiters or hiring managers may have – this is especially crucial if they have inquired as to when you will be able to work. 

    When writing an interview availability email, it might be intimidating if you start your job. The following suggestions may make the procedure a bit less complicated:

    Alternate Time Zone

    When you write your interview availability email, you may alter your calendar to fit the time and date that the recruiter or hiring manager has set up for your interview. Inform the interviewer in your interview availability email that you appreciate their offer and look forward to meeting with them; unfortunately, you have a problem with your schedule.

    You may also write in your interview availability email that you might be able to change your schedule but that you'll need a few hours to do it. You could propose other dates for the meeting. Since you're the one who's seeking work, you should always aim to make things easy for the recruiter. As soon as you determine whether or not you can reschedule your dispute, notify them. Recruiters are often under pressure to reply to their clients quickly.

    When you write your interview availability email, it is acceptable to address the recruiter or hiring manager by their first and last names. Consider scheduling your appointment at a time when you will not be interrupted or have distracting sounds in the background.

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    The sooner you write your interview availability email to a recruiter or hiring manager, the greater your chances of being hired. They often don't have time to wait for you to send your interview availability email. They frequently have to arrange with a large number of individuals simultaneously. Interview slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so you should write your interview availability email as early as possible to ensure that you get an interview session that is convenient for your schedule.


    It's essential to keep your manners and etiquette in mind at all times; a simple “please” and “thank you” may go a long way in your interview availability email. Continue to express your gratitude for being invited to an interview regularly. There may be a large number of candidates for a single post, and a large number of persons could be interviewed for that position.

    Your selection for the post implies that you possess high qualities for the role, and you may have passed through several screening procedures before being chosen. Also, don't forget to express gratitude in your interview availability email to the recruiter who recommended you for the job.

    Elements Of An Interview Availability Email

    Here are some considerations to bear in mind before writing an availability email from a recruiter or hiring manager who has responded to your job application.

    • Please respond as soon as possible. You must reply with your Interview Confirmation within one day and no more than two days since they must book interviews with other applicants simultaneously.
    • Begin the email by expressing your gratitude for considering your application for the job or position.
    • Make sure that the content of the email is upbeat, energetic, and professional in tone. When drafting an email to a hiring manager, it's essential to keep that in mind.
    • Please make sure that your email is error-free before sending it out to the world. Recruiters get many emails during the day, and it is pretty simple for them to be turned off by mistake.
    • Emojis and emoticons should not be used in the email.
    • If they've asked for your availability, don't restrict their possibilities by giving them a few alternatives. Make yourself accessible on a certain day and time and inform them of your availability.

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    Interview Availability Email Template 1

    Subject: Confirmation of Your Interview - [Your Full Name]
    Hello there [Name],
    You have my sincere gratitude for taking the time to consider me for the job of [Job You Have Applied For] at [Name of the Company] and for setting up the interview. I'm glad to get your message.
    By your schedule, I will be available for the interview on [...] at [...], and I look forward to meeting with you.
    If you need any extra information from me, please let me know.
    Thank you very much.
    [Your Complete Name]
    [Insert Your Phone Number Here]

    Interview Availability Email Sample 1

    Subject: Interview Availability Email - Jim Bom
    Hello there, Ms. Benny
    Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the job of a Marketer at XYZ Company. I was delighted to get your message.
    The interview may take place any time this week between 9:30 AM and 04:00 PM if that is more convenient for you. If it's any help, here are several schedules that I've found to be the most effective for me.
    [Option 1] A phone interview.
    [Option 2] A face-to-face meeting.
    [Option 3] A virtual meeting.
    I'm looking forward to meeting with you and discussing this position in further depth with you.
    If you need any extra information from me, please let me know.
    Thank you very much.
    Jimmy Bon,
    [email protected]

    Interview Availability Email Sample 2

    Subject: Interview Availability Email for Jimmy Bom
    Greetings, Ms. Esther Bennet.
    Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my application for the Agent position at PQRS Institution and for your offer to interview. I will be available on Monday 31st January 2022, at 3:00 PM, and I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity further.
    Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to help you prepare for our meeting on Monday afternoon at your offices.
    Jimmy Bom,
    [email protected]


    Occasionally, if you do not get a response to your interview scheduling email from the recruiter, you may want to send them a follow-up email to confirm your appointment. It's difficult to remember to send follow-up emails, but try your best.

    When a recruiter contacts you through email to inquire about your availability, you may use this interview availability email sample on this article to confirm your participation. A recruiter may ask you to reply with a few alternative possibilities for when the interview may be arranged in such a circumstance.

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