How to Write a Solicitation Email Examples Included

Solicitation Email

A solicitation email is a professional proposal sent to prospective clients to convince them to do business with you.  A business solicitation email has many of the same factors as an open-house email. Nevertheless, they are different in their details and requirements.

The solicitation email should be written to make them view you as the outstanding candidate for the job. This email is meant to contact potential customers who would benefit from your offer.

To write a solicitation email, you should introduce yourself and your company or emphasize a solution at the beginning of the email. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met this person or the prospective client, ensure they’re interested in whatever you’re selling.

Solicitation emails can’t be evaded; like every business owner, you can’t provide everything you need. They can come in handy when in need, as the name suggests. To write an effective solicitation email, you must follow the tips and techniques provided in this article. 

Identifying Your Target Audience

Email is still the most prominent mode of generating new business leads, even though other marketing methods, such as cold calling, have their specific advantages. To send an email, you must find your recipient, the email’s recipient.

Before you write your email, you need to understand your target audience. Who do you want to go to business with? Do their methods match yours? Can you relate to the personality of their brands? 

Professional E-mail Requests: Examples for Consultants and Researchers

Audience research is conducted to understand buying patterns, online habits, and behaviors. To understand your target audience, you have to start by closely examining who’s already following you or buying from you. While other networking modes are appreciated, you should not downplay the importance of social media networking.

Every target audience has unique characteristics, interests, and habits, which your marketing message should. Pain points are one of the most intimate ways to know your target audience. A pain point is a specific problem that prospective customers of your business are experiencing. This can apply to businesses; every business, no matter how successful, has a plethora of pain points.

Find out the pain points of your target audience and use them in your solicitation email. Pain points like, We don’t have enough money, or We are not able to get new customers, can be effective when choosing your target audience. 

Crafting Your Message

Email is the only truly active soliciting tactic you have access to online. All the other online giving techniques (social media, your website, etc.) are passive, and you don’t control them. With email, you’re active and in the front-row seat. You can’t just sit back and write your solicitation email, you have to be deliberate about it.  A good solicitation email is shorter than other emails like a fundraising letter. 

You should understand that one of the most important aspects of your solicitation email is your subject line. The subject line you write for your email will be the primary means that many of the people on your target audience list agree on whether or not to open your email appeal. Take great care in crafting appealing subject lines that would get people to open your emails.

Tips for Writing an Effective Solicitation Email Message

      1. Use a clear subject line: The importance of an appealing subject line can’t be stressed enough. This is the intro to your email. It will determine if your email would be opened at all. You have to make it count. 

      2. Address the recipient by name: Make your writing semi-formal. Address the prospective client by name before going on to your solicitation. This will let them relate to you on a personal level. 

      3. Introduce yourself and your organization: Make a small prelude that includes a brief description of yourself and your company. 

      4. State the purpose of the email: Go on to state the problem and enlist yourself as the solution. This should be in the second paragraph of your email. 

      5. Make a clear call-to-action: Adding a call-to-action is a vital part of any business marketing strategy. It should prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

      6. Personalize the message: As earlier stated, the letter should be written in a way that lets the prospect connect with you on a personal level. You have to show your personality in the letter. It’s easier to put off a formal proposal than one that looks like it’s full of life. 

      7. Proofread and edit for grammar and spelling errors: This aspect can’t be ignored no matter what form of writing you are doing. It’s embarrassing for the prospect to find spelling errors. If you are not patient enough to correct your grammar then how will you be patient to oversee a stack of business records? The littlest things can cost you your job. 

Follow-Up and Tracking Responses

The average person’s email inbox is overflowing with personal emails, advertisements, newsletters, and nonprofit solicitations. Don’t be shy about sending multiple emails, your solicitation email will be much stronger if you send out follow-up emails after your first proposal. 

Please don’t limit your proposition to one email; follow up on the deal until they see the future you illustrated in your email. 

Solicitation Email Example

Hello, Jonathan 

Subject Line: You can save turtles with just one dollar

My name is Heather at STT, Save The Turtles. We’re a fundraising agency that helps to secure funds to help the decline in the emergence of sea turtles. 

They are one of the most endangered species. Are you open to a preliminary talk on how you can be of financial help to the cause?

To get to our goal of giving sea turtles around the world a better home, we have worked with other corporations and anti-animal cruelty agencies such as BeeZee corporations and All For The Animals to reach our specific goal. 

If you have a minute or two, you can visit our site to discover more about us. I will contact you later in the week via another email if I do not hear from you.

Thank you,

Heather Brandon 

Email Example Soliciting a Business

Hello, Jonathan

Subject Line: Get your target market with 20% off our PR package 

My name is Heather at HB Public Relations Agency. We’re a public relations and advertising company that helps clients overcome short consumer reach using cost-effective methods. 

Are you open to a preliminary talk to determine compatibility?

To reach a wider range of audiences is the common goal, we have worked with firms such as BeeZee corporations, Matty Industries, and BT and Sons to reach the goal of finding more audiences with tasteful techniques that are tested and trusted. 

If you have a minute or two, you can visit our site using the link below to discover more about us. I will contact you later in the week via another email if I do not hear from you.

Thank you,

Heather Brandon


A business solicitation email is important because it enables you to reach probable customers. One final rule to writing your next solicitation email is to refrain from overdoing it. There are perks to having a beautifully crafted email with lots of pictures, sidebars, and graphic headers, but it can be a bit tiring for the eyes. Keep your email relatively simple. 

Stay organized and assertive when sending out emails, and always remember to provide value to your potential customers. Focus on getting as many people in your target audience list as possible to send a solicitation email to. Remember, when it comes to online solicitation for business or whatnot, email is the easiest method with enough flexibility to manipulate your preferred choice.  

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